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Genre Variety, Game Show, Comedy
Developed by Edgar "Bobot" Mortiz
Directed by Bobbet Vidanes, Johnny Manahan & Arnel Natividad
Starring Willie Revillame John Estrada
Randy Santiago
Mariel Rodriguez
Valerie Concepcion
RR Enriquez
Saicy Aguila
ASF Dancers
and Others
Country of origin Flag of the Philippines Philippines
Language(s) Filipino and English
Executive producer(s) Cynthia Jordan
Harold Nueva
Location Quezon City, Metro Manila
Running time 3 hours
Original channel ABS-CBN
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original run February 5, 2005 – July 30, 2010
Preceded by Magandang Tanghali Bayan
Followed by Pilipinas Win Na Win
Related shows Willing Willie (TV5)
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Wowowee is a defunct noon-time variety show broadcast by ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation in the Philippines. The show first premiered on February 5, 2005 and airs live weekdays and Saturdays. The show also broadcasts worldwide through ABS-CBN's The Filipino Channel.



Main Hosts


Former Co-Hosts

Current and Past Co-Hosts

The three original co-hosts of the show were Janelle Jamer, Kat Alano and Iya Villania.

Leaving Janelle solely alone to do co-host duties, a few celebrities - mostly notably Bea Alonzo and Christian Lawrence Javier - would guest as entertainment. It all changed by the next few months when Revillame would find new permanent co-hosts. By June of 2006, MTV VJ Mariel Rodriguez of Pinoy Big Brother fame was introduced. For nearly a year Mariel and Janelle would be the only co-hosts (along with Cheena Javier, seldomly). In March of 2007, up and coming actress and new Star Magic talent Roxanne Guinoo was brought in.

Janelle Jamer left in mid-2007 to work on her singing career abroad. She has not returned since.

Comedienne Pokwang was a guest on the show, and she entertained the audience and viewers so much that she would guest occasionally. She became a permanent mainstay by the end of 2007.

Roxanne Guinoo left shortly after Pokwang was officially made a host. Rumors ensued, but months later she revealed that she simply wanted to focus on her acting career.

Valerie Concepcion, a returning actress, was placed as a replacement for Roxanne Guinoo while Beauty Queen Lara Quigaman was added to the list of growing co-hosts.

Precious Lara Quigaman was fired in mid-2008, however, due to rules she broke while in the Wowowee Concert Tour in Hawaii. While the other hosts obediently followed them, she did not.

Singer Nikki Gil became a replacement for Mariel Rodriguez, who unexpectedly became a celebrity guest housemate for another TV show that she hosts - the reality hit Pinoy Big Brother.

Pinoy Fear Factor finalist Janna Dominguez also stepped in, and stayed even longer than Nikki Gil. Janna left in March of 2008 - longer than viewers expected, as Mariel Rodriguez had already returned months before.

Former dancer RR Enriquez became a hit by the viewers because of her that she would soon be hosting. Since this year, she has been promoted as a regular host.

Saicy Aguila, a former Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate, became a dancer for their 'Pera O Bayong' Segment in 2008. Aside from dancing, she also helps with the co-host duties from time to time.

Current segments in Wowowee

Hep, Hep, Hooray

Ten random audience members get to play Hep, Hep, Hooray.

In this segment of the show, the audience will be dancing to Willie Revillame's hit song, "Boom Tarat Tarat". This opening song number is the theme tune for the choosing of the ten random audience members, the audience is warmed up for the public displays of talent, where Willie Revillame and his co-hosts will draw from the audience, from different sections including the TFC subscribers to dance the hits song.

The objective of the game is to repeat the words "Hep" "Hep" "Hooray". A co-host puts the microphone in front of a contestants face and they are supposed to say "Hep Hep" while clapping their hands together below their waist, then another co-host will put the microphone to another contestant's face and they are to finish the cheer with saying "hooray" and raising their hands in the air. If you make a mistake, you are out of the game. The unwritten rule is that they eliminate the young or affluent looking in order to allow an old or infirm person to win. This is a last person standing game. The one who lasts the longest wins, and plays the bonus round for more money. The last two contestants wins money, and sometimes, the jackpot is shared by them due to an unwritten rule.

Cash o Bukas

In the Cash o Bukas segment, the winner of Hep, Hep, Hooray gets to play for three jackpot prizes. 10 trays are available for the player to select, while the player only selects three to play with. Next, the player must choose only one tray. The player gets continuing deals offered until the player takes the offer, or keeps playing to open the tray. The prizes offered in the game follows:

Willie of ForTune

6 people are selected earlier to compete in pairs in rounds of Willie of Fortune. This is where the in-house keyboardist plays a portion of a song, and the first person to name the song correctly wins 1 point. If the player can correctly sing the exact lyrics from that portion of the song, they will receive the 2nd point. 2 points are required to win the round.

Knock Out

The three remaining contestants compete on one trivia question. The person who correctly answer the question first wins the game, and goes for the jackpot round, May Regalo.

May Regalo

May Regalo is the jackpot round for the winner of Knock Out. This segment is very similar to Merrygalo from 2007. There are 16 presents to choose from. The top prize is P500,000.

5 circles
5 squares
5 stars
1 Random Grand Negosyo
1 Knorr Real Sarap

2 of a kind: P50,000
3 circles: P100,000
3 squares: P250,000
3 stars: P500,000

The contestant chooses three boxes, but may change the boxes at any time before opening if requested.

Discontinued segments

Act-U (2005) A contestant tried to guess what a celebrity guest was trying to act out. This game is similar to Charades.

Bigat 10 (2005-2008) Ten random audience members are chosen to play on round three of Willie of ForTune. Willie then chooses one of them (now two at a time) to come up on stage. Willie asks a question and if the contestant answers correctly, the Bigat 10's are eliminated for good. However, if the Bigat 10's answer correctly, the contestant wins P3,000 - that is subtracted from the total winnings from the contestant which was rewarded to him/her prior to the game.

Bigtime Pera O Bayong (2005-2007;2008) "Bigtime" Pera o Bayong was a game that was brought from Magandang Tanghali Bayan. The game first started in February 5, 2005. The game relaunched with "Bigtime" added at the name on October 6, 2008.

A group of 50 people are asked a question with three answer choices labeled A, B, or C. They must stand near the letter they preferred to choose. This is last man standing, so the game is continued until one is left. The final person wins PHP10,000 and goes on to the next half of the game. The final contestant, then makes a choice from 10 "bayongs" (bags), and then the hosts have several bargaining sessions where they offer the contestants a cash offer in exchange for the chosen bayong. If the player stays with the bayong, he or she wins whatever is inside it. The three grand prizes are PHP1,000,000, a house and lot, and the Bigtime Bayong containing PHP1,000,000, a house and lot, and a brand new car.

Call A Kolokoy (2005) A Questune contestant and 2 other randomly selected audience members were asked questions, but the "buzzers" were located above them. If the Questune contestant won, the contestant advanced to the next round and won a prize, and the two audience contestants would get PhP 500. If one of the other contestants won, both won PhP 5,000. This game was later replaced by Isang Talon Isang Sagot.

Coca-Cola 50M Family Panalo: Cash o Bukas? (2008) 10 players get to play, 5 on each side. The object of the game is to be the last person standing with a coke cap. Each person starts off with 5 Coca-Cola caps. They are asked questions and players must place the caps on the letter they think its right. For example, a player can put 2 caps on A, 2 caps on B, and 1 cap on C. They bring the platform up so the other players can see what they chose. Then, the correct answer caps are stayed on the platform, while the others fall down. The last person standing with a Coke cap advances to the jackpot round. The final contestant gets to play for the cash prize. There are 26 letters on the board, (A-Z, excluding X). The player must get all 15 Coca-Cola logos to win PHP1,000,000. Along the way, the player can get prizes like a portable DVD player, MP3 player, etc. They must avoid the strikes as much as possible. If the player gets 3 strikes, the game is over, and loses all the money, although they can still have the other prizes with them. However, a player can get the Coke smiley and eliminate a strike with PHP50,000 and year supply of Coca-Cola. However, there is still a chance they will get eliminated.

Doblado Sigurado (2005-2006) Played after Bigat 10, Doblado Sigurado offered a chance for the contestant to double their winnings. A box containing 5 chips (each one being black and white) would be passed around the audience, and the contestant would predict how many would come up White and how many would come up Black. If the prediction was right, the contestant's Bigat 10 winnings were doubled. If it wasn't, the player walked away with only PhP 10,000. This game was later replaced by Pasalog.

Eight O'Clock (2009) A studio player gets to play for up to P200,000. A random member in the audience plays together, and both work together to get the top prize. There is a bunch of chips on the board and decide which to take one by one. Each chip show different prize amounts shown below. 5 chips for a certain prize amount is require to win it. Bonuses are randomly on the board, too. Each player gets the prize unsplit.

Green Cross (2005) One of the Pera o Bayong contestants was randomly picked from the group, and won PHP5,000. In one of 3 bags was PHP20,000, and the player had to guess which one contained the prize. If the player picked correctly, he or she would win a total of PhP 25,000. The game was sponsored by Green Cross, a Filipino soap brand. This game has only been played once.

Guess the Presyo, Get the Premyo! (2007-2008) Sponsored by Mega Sardines, is a game which debuted on the November 19, 2007 episode of Wowowee. 5 players picked from the studio audience are assigned numbers and have to attempt to arrange themselves in the correct order to the correct price of the day's prize in 90 seconds or less. The first digit of the price is always given. If the contestants get it right, they win the prize.

Huli Kaw! (2005) This game involves getting random people off the streets to answer a trivial question. If the person answers the question correctly, he/she wins PHP5,000.

Isang Talon, Isang Sagot (2005-2006) The 3 Questune contestants left standing advanced to this round, were asked trivia questions. If he/she knew, the contestant jumps to "buzz in". 5 points are required to advance to the Bigat 10 round. The game was later replaced by Sinong Kumanta Ng Kantang 'To?

iYugYugan Na! (2007) Five lucky contestants are chosen from the audience and is brought to center stage. While they show off their mediocre dancing to the song, Willie then randomly chooses any of the 5 to answer a very simple question. If the chosen contestant answers correctly and quickly, s/he is still in the game and awarded an extra PHP500. The lucky contestant is decided and is brought up the stairs and is given two die. Only one side of each of the two die contain that "YUG Jackpot" which it what the contestant MUST get. If only one of the die lands on the jackpot, he/she wins an extra PHP5,000. If both die land on the jackpot, the contestant breaks the bank! If none land on the jackpot however, he/she is awarded an extra PHP10,000 for playing.

Merrygalo (2007) The game replaced the highly controversial Wilyonaryo game on October 8, 2007. In a process very similar to Wilyonaryo, the 50 contestants were asked a Yes or No question on a specific category, with the contestants having 5 seconds to make their decision. Sometimes contestants were also offered a chance to switch their answer. The contestants who answered wrong were eliminated, and the contestants who answered correctly repeated the process until 1 person remained. The last person standing won PHP10,000 and got to play for larger prizes. The remaining contestant chose 3 of the 10 "regalos" (boxes), with each of the boxes either containing a circle, a square, or a star. If a box contained a star, the player won PHP10,000, if it contained a square, the contestant won PHP5,000. If all three boxes contained a circle, the player would win the jackpot. The contestant was also given a choice to swap their third box with one of the remaining boxes if they desired.

Pasalog (2006-2009) In Pasalog, the contestant has a chance of winning different prizes provided by sponsors, including a progressive cash jackpot increasing every show if not won. Dice containing logos and symbols are placed into compartments in beach ball like spheres. The balls are then passed around the audience (or sometimes rolled around the stage if there is not enough time). When the pasalogs are returned, the compartments are opened. If the face of the dice facing up has a symbol or logo, the player wins the corresponding prize. Pasalog was originally played with a similar cube shaped container.

In part of the new set on March 31, 2008, Pasalog changed to three balls.Where in Mariposa at the left side, Milagring at the right side and Luningning at the middle. <ref name="Game Lists">Watch the new and improved Wowowee!</ref>

Ball One Ball Two Ball Three
3 P10,000 & 3 P20,000 3 X2 & 3 X5 1 Grand Negosyo, 1 X1, 3 ÷2, 1 X5

Sinong Kumanta Ng Kantang To? (2006-2008) Three contestants compete to buzz in and answer the artist of the song played. The first to 2 points wins. The game was later replaced by Tanong Ko, Sagutin Mo.

Sketch on the Rocks (2005) A contestant attempted to draw picture of a word selected out of a fishbowl while other contestants attempted to guess what it was, but the paper on the board constantly scrolled up. After 30 seconds, the drawer would move to the "rock board", where the player attempted to write out what the answer was, but the board shook making it more difficult. If the guessers could figure it out, the drawer won a the prize that he or she selected beforehand. If the guessers couldn't figure it out after 30 seconds on the "rock board" and after 5 more final seconds, the drawer did not win anything.

Touch Ako (2005) The last contestant of Willie of ForTune goes for the last round. 10 TFC subscribers are placed inside a circle with a protective mask and velcro outfit. The goal for the contestant is to eliminate the 10 TFCs in under 60 seconds, using balls provided for the contestant which stick to the velcro, blindfolded. If the ball sticks to any of the TFC's outfit, he/she is eliminated from the pack. The TFCs however can move the circle anywhere on the stage, not off stage obviously. If the contestant eliminates all, he/she wins the showcase he/she has chosen to play for and the jackpot. If not, they lose the showcase.

Want More, No More (2009) This Game replaced and, thus, succeeds the former game Bigtime Pera O Bayong.

  • Elimination Round

A group of 50 people are asked a question and then given two choices to answer that question, "Oo" (Yes) or "Hindi" (No). Within a certain amount of time, the contestants must line up behind the sign labelled with their preferred answer. The co-hosts then reveal the correct answer, and those who queued behind the sign labelled with the wrong answer are eliminated; the contestants who chose the correct answer remain in the game. This is a last-person-standing game; the game process continues until one person is left remaining on the stage. The last-remaining contestant receives PHP10,000 then plays the Jackpot Round.

  • Jackpot Round

The contestant, who won the Elimination Round, plays for a chance to win one, two or all of the following major prizes the game has to offer: a Jeep, a House and Lot from Global Asiatique, and PHP1,000,000.

There are 25 "bayongs" on the stage, each labelled with letters from A-Z (excluding X), and each containing a case. Each case contains a logo, which will determine the amount of the contestant's winnings. Five cases display a silhouette of a jeep in a yellow circle, which each adds PHP10,000 to the contestant's winnings and increases the chances of winning the Jeep. Six cases have a silhouette of a house in a green circle which, as well, each adds PHP10,000 to the contestant's earnings and increases the chances of winning the House and Lot. Nine cases contain a bold, black number '2' (before it is labeled as '1' for 1 Million but now it is '2' for 2 Million)in a red circle, which, too, adds PHP10,000 to the contestant's money and increases the chances of winning the million Pesos. Contestants who play this round, however, have to be cautious, as there are four cases that contain a large 'X' in a red circle that will cripple the contestant's chances of taking home his or her earnings. If the contestant opens three of the cases with the large 'X' on it, he or she would lose the game and not be allowed to take home their earnings. There is one special case that bears the 'W' used in the logo for Wowowee that, if opened, guarantees that the contestant will take home PHP50,000, even if the contestant chooses three "bayongs" containing the cases with the large 'X' on it.

Wilyonaryo (2007) This game became entangled in one of the more larger controversies associated with Wowowee when it debuted in August 2007. The 50 contestants who competed had to predict the result of surveys answered by audience members with remote controls. Some contestants were offered a chance to stay where they were, switch their guess, or walk away with a cash offer before the answer was revealed. After one contestant is left, he/she chooses 12 tablets in any order they'd like. Those tablets are then placed in a horizontal shelf with a chute on the bottom of each of them for the ball to enter. He/she is then given two labels written "P20,000" and is told to place those labels on the top of those tablets on where they think the ball will land on. On a giant pinball machine, the contestant drops a pinball and can bump on random money values of P1,000 through P5,000. The pinball with eventually land to the end of the chute, where the horizontal shelf containing the tablets are connected. Wherever the ball lands is the tablet you must play with; if that tablet, by the way, was labeled with that "P20,000" sticker, you win an extra P20,000 to your winnings, so your total winnings build up fast. Then, the gameplay begins to be similar to the jackpot round in Pera o Bayong. Prizes include House & Lot prize, PHP500,000, PHP1 Million and PHP2 Million--the top prize.

Wow! Wow! Win! sa Wowowee! (2005-2006) All the home viewers must do is answer a question correctly, with the provided possible answer containing 5 letters or less. If the home contestant texts in and answers correctly, one random viewer will receive PHP25,000.

Special shows

World tours

Wowowee has broadcast episodes from other locations in the Philippines, and has also went on World Tours to other countries such as the United States (San Francsico, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Reno, Chicago, Honolulu, Atlantic City, San Diego and Houston), Australia (Sydney), Guam, Canada (Winnipeg), and Dubai. <ref name="Bigatin World Tour"></ref>.

In celebration of TFC's 15th anniversary and Wowowee's 4th anniversary, Wowowee has planned a grand world tour for 2009. Starting in Dubai, the tour will reach Italy, United States (San Francisco, (Seattle, Orlando and Las Vegas) and Canada (Toronto).

Alay sa Kapamilya

Alay sa Kapamilya was a program organized by ABS-CBN as an observation for the PhilSports Arena stampede victims. It preempted Wowowee for six days while the network decided over the fate of the variety show. The shows were a solemn tribute to the victims, featuring performances by ABS-CBN regulars. Eventually, ABS-CBN decided to temporarily cancel the variety show until its return on March 11, 2006.<ref>Willie still in mourning, Alay sa Kapuso this week on Wowowee.</ref>

Honoring Overseas Filipino Workers

In several occasions, the show has paid tribute to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW's) serving across the world. On the August 2, 2006 episode, Wowowee with cooperation with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) produced a special edition saluting and featuring female OFW's who returned from Lebanon where a war was present in that country. They were all invited to attend and even participate in the show that day. The contestants during the first half that day were close friends of the OFWs, while an unspecified number of OFW's participated in "The Ultimate Pera O Bayong". All the winnings won in during the show were combined together and evenly distributed to all of the OFWs in the audience, with the grand total of winnings being PhP 1,390,000.

Armed Forces of the Philippines Join Wowowee

On September 1, 2007, about Five Hundred (500) soldiers came in full force to television noontime show Wowowee. Representatives from the Major Services, AFPWSSUS and Technical Services come to play and have fun during the show and take a crack at the grand prizes in different games.

Highlights of the event were the interviews with the loved ones of Marines who lost their lives in the fight against the Abu Sayaff Group/ MILF rebels in Basilan last July 10 and August 11, 2007. Tearfully, loved ones recounted their last communication with the fallen Marines. Host Willie Revillame also asked each of them for a short message and everybody was moved to tears during the emotion-filled moment. AFP, PIO Chief LTC Bartolome Bacarro held back his tears but could not help it, just like the rest. Emotions rose again when candles were lit for the Marines. <ref>Soldiers Moved to Tears with WoWoWee Experience.</ref>


Philsports Arena stampede

At around 06:30 AM local time on February 4, 2006, at least 73 people were trampled to death and more than 300 were injured when a stampede broke out at the PhilSports Complex (formerly ULTRA) in Pasig City, where the first anniversary celebration of Wowowee would be held at noon. The crush began when the organizers of the show began handing out tickets to people in the crowd, many of whom had been camping outside the stadium for days.

Willyonaryo controversy

Main article: Hello Pappy scandal

On August 20, 2007 episode of Wowowee, a technical fault occurred during Willyonaryo game which led people to think (including the host of Eat Bulaga!, one of the show's competitors in its timeslot) that the game was or could be rigged.

DTI probe, administrative fine and appeal

On October 13, 2008, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), after a 1 year probe, ordered ABS-CBN to pay an administrative fine of P 290,000, ruling that the Wilyonaryo segment, which is under the “sales and promotion” category campaign, violated the regulatory provisions of RA 7394, the "Consumers Act of the Philippines.": “A reasonable assessment of the existing game mechanics and procedures reveals that the game show segment allowed for reasonable likelihood of error and provided the host and organizers significant latitude in controlling the outcome of the contest.”<ref>, DTI: Wowowee’s Wilyonaryo has violation (1:34 p.m.)</ref><ref>, DTI wraps up Wowowee probe</ref> Forthwith, ABS-CBN released the statement: "We disagree with the findings and have appealed the decision."<ref>, ABS-CBN appeals DTI's Wowowee decision</ref>

Eda Nolan wardrobe malfunction

On May 12, 2007, episode of Wowowee, to promote ABS-CBN's new teen comedy Gokada Go!, cast members from the show performed a dance number as part of the entertainment segment of the show. The tube top of one the dancers, Eda Nolan, became loose, exposing one of her breasts. Although producers claimed that Eda was wearing a skin-tone colored bra, Wowowee received a 3 day suspension from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board.<ref>Wardrobe malfunction leads to ‘Wowowee’ suspension. Retrieved on 2007-11-15.</ref>

Wowowee winner cries foul over prize

A winner in the "Bigtime Pera o Bayong" game portion of the show is set to file a complaint against Wowowee for allegedly failing to make good on its promised prize. Nena V. Santos, of Banlat, Quezon City, bagged the second prize of a fully furnished house and lot in the popular game in July last year. Santos said the grand prize winner -- the "Bigtime" winner -- took home a package that included a fully furnished house and lot, a car, and P1 million cash. The third prize winner got P1 million cash. She said she could not have over-expected the prize because in August 2008 she had even watched an episode of Rated K (also shown on ABS-CBN Channel 2) that featured the July 1, 2008 grand winner. The past winner -- who had only won within a week of Santos' win -- had shown her new beautiful, single detached, fully furnished house in the show, leaving Santos excited to see her own house. Santos told the Philippines Daily Inquirer in an interview on Friday that it took her another seven months before she could get her "dream house" located at Santa Barbara Villas II, San Mateo, Rizal. She said she went there on February 4, with the prize supposed to be awarded by real estate developer Globe Asiatique. To her surprise, Santos said, what she got was a house that is not brand new. There was furniture inside but it belonged to the former owner. Moreover, there were no furnishings there that were supposed to be part of her prize.

Willie Revillame reacts against Cory Aquino's funeral march video snippet

Willie Revillame received hard criticism about how he asked his staff to remove video snippets of ABS-CBN's live coverage of the funeral march of former Philippine President Cory Aquino. Although it is generally perceived that having both video of the funeral and a live noontime show airing simultaneously to be in bad taste, the criticisms were founded on how Willie Revillame made such request on air and his supposed wrong choice of words.<ref>'Wag na Lang: Willie Revillame reacts against Cory Aquino's live funeral march coverage</ref>


  • 2005 KBP Golden Dove Awards Best Variety Show
  • Best variety show (Star Awards for TV) (2008)
    • In 2008, they tied with GMA Network's Eat Bulaga.
  • Best Male TV Host (Willie Revillame) (2005 & 2007)
  • Best Female TV Host (Janelle Jamer) (2007)
  • Consumers Award Outstanding Variety Show (2008)
  • Consumers Award Outstanding Male TV Host (2008)

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