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Willy Wang is an accomplished Filipino wushu artist who has competed in various local and international competitions. One of Wang's most recent achievements came during the 2008 Beijing Olympics where he bagged the gold medal in the sport's demonstration competition. He was the only Filipino to take home a medal during that Olympics. Back in 2007, Wang also finished atop the mens nanquan wushu event in the 24th Southeast Asian Games held in Thailand. He and fellow wushu artist Marianne Mariano brought home gold medals in the 2007 SEA Games.


The Lone Athlete

Although he bagged the gold medal in the said Wushu competition (a demo sport) of the Beijing Olympics 2008, he was not supported by the Philippine government. Worse, during his stay in Beijing, the government refused to provide ample accommodations to athletes such as Wang, such that the Japanese Wushu team took pity on him and gave him space in their room. His coach told him that in order to bring honor as a sign of gratitude to the Japanese who took care of him, he should win. And he did, defeating even the Chinese born athletes of Wushu in the said competition.

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