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What is wiki?

A wiki is a special type of website that allows visitors to edit and expand the wealth of its content. But it is much more than that, it is a way to work together to build knowledge, things and connections. A fundamental value of wiki is Connecting People and Technology about the info they should know

Wikis are being used and structured from the start for participation or collaborative projects over the internet. Editing a wiki is far simpler than modifying a typical website because doing so does not require HTML skills. Typically, editing a wiki page is just a matter of clicking the edit button on any page top or section header. You can write whatever you want, so long as it's constructive and adds to the next reader's experience.

This page discuss information you should know about a Wiki.

How Does it Work?

Contributing to a wiki is simple. First, it is required to register in the log-in page for you to edit the wiki site. This is to control unwanted individuals from vandalizing the site. The name you enter will be stored in your browser as a cookie and added (along with your IP address) to the log for any pages you edit. Any changes that you do will be monitored by the system software and it can be seen through the logs at the "Recent Changes".

To edit a page, click the Edit this document link near the footer of the page you wish to edit. You will then be able to make any alterations to the page you like. When editing pages, text is added using a special wiki markup language which is simple but powerful - you can learn more about the basic markup language on the Cheatsheet page.

To create a new page, you can do it in two ways. (1) Use the search area and type the title of your entry. If your entry has no relevant search result, there is an option wherein you are being asked to create the page. Once it is clicked, you will be brought to a sandbox where you can start building your entries. (2) You can use the "Create New Page" link and start jotting your contents.

Don't worry if you make a mistake - all previous versions of wiki pages are saved and can be accessed through the View Document History link at the bottom of the page. This also helps prevent vandalism or other mishaps, as any damage done to a page can be quickly and easily reversed.

That's pretty much all there is to it. Experiment with wiki markup on the SandBox page, and have fun adding to the wiki.

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