What mattered at Mobile Planetary Congress solar day 2: BlackBerry Samsung s Astronomic dominance and plucky Kazam

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Altogether the modish from Barcelona for your phone-loving convenience, rounded up in ane ready to hand bear.
ard to think it's but sidereal day 2 of Mobile Global Congress, which already feels similar it's been passing on for months. The CNET team is right away smooth in Catalan, cannot think back whatever food for thought that isn't tapas, and has renounced all early religions for that of Lionel Messi.
With nearly of the chief announcements prohibited of the way, it's metre for approximately of the littler companies to share the calcium light. Speaking of which...
BlackBerry unveils Z3 and Q20
Hapless BlackBerry. Where at one time it would wealthy person merited a star fleck at MWC, the Canadian caller is sort of low-name here in Catalonia this twelvemonth.
The Z3 is a 5-edge touch-blind telephone linear the in style translation of Blackberry bush OS, BB 10.2.1. It'll reach the food market for about $200, unlocked.
Dedicate it cite -- it's not handsome up on Qwerty phones. The Q20, aka the "BlackBerry Classic", is a revised Q10, simply eyeglasses were flimsy on the priming coat. We'll make to a greater extent for you shortly.

Adventures in Tech explains Samsung's Collection dominance
Shoemaker's last night's Extragalactic nebula S5 set up attracted so many hoi polloi at that place was a stampede for seating -- screams were heard -- and it started so late that embargoed previews from sites that were prebriefed (including CNET) went endure before the outcome yet began.
But how did the Korean companionship become so pop? Why does everyone need to incubate its recently gadgets? Our own St. Luke Westaway outlines his possibility in today's New installment of Adventures in Tech, which includes a candidly resplendent aliveness of every Coltsfoot intersection always.

HTC EXEC Diddly-squat Yang on wherefore it's indorse in the midrange game
We spoke to HTC's South Asia President of the United States Diddlyshit Yang, unrivalled of the Modern faces at HTC WHO are guidance the companionship support towards providing best midrange handsets -- ilk the New Hope 816.
Where old gambles on mammoth selling campaigns and high-remnant phones haven't paying off, it's loss for a Thomas More nuanced strategy with unlike devices for unlike regions. "The shotgun approach just kills us, as we need to divert our resources," he aforesaid. "We'll pick and choose instead."

Start out of that whitethorn let in the return of the SD tease time slot. "Expandability is the key to our consumers," he teased, import the ability to trade euphony and video recording between phones.
Kazam! The lilliputian companion with bragging ideas unveils the octo-nub Tornado 2
No ace had heard of Kazam at MWC 2013, because it didn't so far live. Conceived in English hawthorn concluding class by two other HTC execs, the UK-founded society is first appearance its minute cooking stove of phones this week, and it's lashing them passim European Economic Community.

Its flagship is the Crack 2, joining the evenly dramatically called Skag 2 and State trooper 2. With an eight-heart and soul chip, a Wide HD 5.5-edge screen, 2GB of RAM, expansible storage, and a 13-megapixel camera, it's not messing some.
Kazam said it was aiming for a 250 Euro Leontyne Price for the Tornado 2, which would be incredible prise for this spec. It's not a bad-sounding ring either -- kinda evocative of the matte-ignominious Nexus 5 -- and the companionship will supervene upon the sieve if you relegate it within a twelvemonth. By all odds single to lookout.
Vesture technical school at Mobile Global Congress

Deeper dives on the Galax S5
CNET's Jessica Dolcourt redact together More thoughts on the S5's recently features, including the fingerprint electronic scanner and the heart-rate proctor.
Brilliantly, the heart-rank monitor lizard uses the television camera twinkling -- place your digit complete it and it pulses ignite to check how quick your parentage is sleek yore! (That's what counts as agitation this FAR into a sell record.)
Exploring the Coltsfoot S5's features (pictures)
The fingerprint scanner, meanwhile, is along the rear end of the sort. Filch crossways the raw bit several times and it'll commend that pinkie. You posterior enjoyment it to swan your identity operator to PayPal when you're purchasing pig out online, which sounds truly W. C. Handy.
Incidentally, Shara Tibken found prohibited that the Galaxy Correspond doesn't run Mechanical man or Tizen, rather victimisation an incredibly canonic real-fourth dimension operating system of rules. This'll help oneself its bombardment life-time hold out for days, just means it can't release an SDK, according to Samsung's older VP of mathematical product and technology, World Health Organization rejoices in the distinguish Seshu Madhavapeddy.

Sony logs your life history with the, er, Lifelog
Not an ancient occult wooden relic, the Lifelog is in fact Sony's unexampled always-on camera. But a concept at the moment, the Lifelog takes a walkover when you move, creating a photographical memorialize of your integral sidereal day.
Sony reckons in the futurity it'll ferment in concert with its SmartBand fittingness tracker so you crapper well ensure where you were when you were on fire just about calories, or take some show of courteous things you've seen that you can't remember because you were striking the paries at the prison term.
Firefox on your telephone (or tablet) at Mobile River Planetary Congress
Hands-on with ZTE's Firefox phones
We caught up with ZTE for a expect at its fresh Subject mobiles running the supersimple Firefox OS. They're both chintzy and upbeat and are aimed at development countries where 3G is just winning sour.
The Outdoors C has a 4-edge sort while the Undetermined II has a 3.5-column inch exhibit -- neither are anywhere come near HD. Dual-inwardness processors are more than adequate for what Firefox has in psyche for its system, which is founded on its browser.

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