Vicente Marifosqui

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Vicente Marifosqui
14 January 1866 – 20 February 1936
Place of birth: Pasig City
Place of death: Pasig City
Father: Felipe Marifosqui
Mother: Victoria Tuason
Spouse: Julia Arcinas

Vicente Marifosqui (14 January 1866 – 20 February 1936) was a musician, band director, and piano teacher. He was the father of Vicenta Marifosqui de Eloriaga who co-directed the Escuela Confederadas de Musica together with Victoriano Carrion and Bonifacio Abdon.


Early life and education

Marifosqui was born on 14 January 1866 in Pasig City. He was the only child of Felipe Marifosqui and Victoria Tuason. His father was a landowner and the manager of the town’s marching band. The older Marifosqui was also the municipal captain of the town.

Marifosqui was enrolled in the Ateneo Municipal which is probably where he received a formal music education. He was also a student of Leonardo Silos who was one of the rondalla pioneers of the 20th century in the Philippines.


Marifosqui never finished his studies since he immediately worked in Bazar del Cisne in Manila. The small printing press was owned by Antonio Salazar who was one of the thirteen masons executed by the Spanish government in Bagumbayan on 11 January 1897.

Marifosqui took over in directing the Pasig Band after his father passed away. He succeeded Marcelino Asuncion and he was able to hold the same position even after Bonifacio Arevalo acquired ownership of the band and changed its name to “Banda Arevalo.”

During the 1896 Revolution, Marifosqui fought as part of the Spanish forces. He soon joined the Philippine Revolutionary army but was captured and imprisoned in the same cell as Ariston Bautista and Juan Luna.

Once peace was reestablished in the country, Marifosqui started to conduct the Orchestra Rizal after Banda Arevalo disbanded. He formed the Banda Dimasalang in Pasig in 1911 and served as its director until his death in 1936.

Aside from directing his own band, Marifosqui instructed other bands such as those in Rosario, Cavite which was then known as the town of Salinas, and Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. He was then summoned to direct the National Guard Band which was organized during World War I.

Towards the later part of his musical career, Marifosqui taught piano in several towns east of Laguna and in Pasig. He became the leader of Cine Lux and played the bass in Cine Savoy. Both show houses were found in Manila.

Marifosqui composed a number of marches for his band. He also made arrangement and instrumentation for other bands and orchestras.


Marifosqui married Julia Arcinas in 1800. Julia was the daughter of Jose Arcinas and Valeriana Asuncion. The couple had several daughters:

  • Concepcion Marifosqui Reyes – married to Dr. Lorenzo C. Reyes, a physician in Manila.
  • Lorenza Marifosqui
  • Vicenta Marifosqui de Eloriaga – married to Manuel Eloriaga, owner of Escuela de Piano which later merged with the schools of Victorino Carrion and Bonifacio Abdon to form the Escuelas Conferadas de Musica which was recognized by the government on 24 November 1931. Prior to the confederation, their respective schools cooperated in various ways,organizing concerts and other programs.
  • Julia Marifosqui Gonzales – married Jose Gonzales; was a graduate of Victorino Carrion’s Schola Cantorum and taught voice culture.


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