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Welcome My Wiki home!


Welcome fellow WikiPinoys!

I am Wikiboy, one of the sysops of WikiPinas. This is my public page and you are welcome to post your concern here. But please use my Talk page if you want to leave a message. I cannot guarantee instant answers from me but I assure you that it would be my first priority once I log-in. :)

What I Do


Visit my Template page

  • As admin and sysops, I do lots of programming experimentation to enhance the wiki experience of the community. One of my priorities was to build a more user-friendly templates for those who are new to wiki and to speed up the process of user's contributions. This template is one of the samples of my experimentation and now being used by the community to enhance pages of WikiPilipinas and its projects.
  • I design logos and icons as requested and as I see deemed necessary by WikiPinoy community. These logos/icons will be standardize and will be used in promoting WikiPilipinas contents in collaterals.

What You Can Do For Me


Wiki Programming is a tedious task specially if you are researching and developing plug-ins for the wiki platform. WikiPilipinas is a promising site of the Filipinos that needs more contributors and volunteer developers to enhance its Search algorithm, redesign CSS styles, build gadgets, plug-ins and other features that would benefit the community.

If you are a person like me who enjoyed tinkering things, WikiPilipinas needs you. Your simple participation is a great contribution for the community. Just feel free to keep in touch with me and leave a message inside my talk page or to those who know me personally, you can reach me thru my cellphone and email address.

My Projects


Here are the list of my current projects for WikiPilipinas. Feel free to add your request:

  • WikiPilipinas Caravan - an upcoming event designed to popularized the use of WikiPilipinas as a medium to entice more contribution from the community by conducting seminars and training. Design an Event template page for this event.
  • WikiBarkada - an external social network site to cater volunteers in a much hipper platform to discuss and make connection to fellow WikiPinoys.
  • WikiWorx project is designed to organized a specific content project for WikiPilipinas. I do the design concept as per request by the community.
  • WikiKo - a project codename that will enhance user contributions thru pre-build templates.
  • WikiFilipino - the Filipino version of WikiPilipinas. Currently, a group of volunteers and editors are building its current content structures while I do mostly on the technology backbone and templates for the beta version. Hopefully, a dry run will be available early 2008.



If you have any other concern or suggestions you can put it here...

Know how to Wiki


Wiki docs.gif

Many contributors are afraid to start editing inside a wiki platform because they perceived that it is complicated. That's why I help in promulgation of a more basic steps on How to Wiki to be able users like you be guided in a very simple way.

Visit my friend Mindy as she toured you the world of Wiki.

Contact Me


Skype.jpg Skype: Chardinet - this is my contact name and the official tele-communicator of WikiPilipinas volunteers. We use it to collaborate online, give suggestions, updates, videocon, tsismis, etc..

Mail icon.gif Email: - my official email. I see to it that I check it everyday.

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