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Urduja poster.jpg
Urduja movie poster
Directed by Tony Tuviera
Produced by APT Entertainment Inc.
Starring Regine Velasquez
Cesar Montano
Eddie Garcia
Jay Manalo
Johnny Delgado
Ruby Rodriguez
Epy Quizon
Michael V.
Allan K
Release date(s) June 18, 2008
Country Flag of the PhilippinesPhilippines
Language Filipino

Urduja is the first Filipino full-length animated film about the legendary warrior princess Urduja. This epic film of love, war, and bravery is the brainchild of “Eat Bulaga” producer Antonio “Tony” Tuviera. It features the traditional hand-drawn animation of a group of Filipino animators.

This film is Tuviera's dream project which was first envisioned as a series of animated features to appear on television. However, due to financial constraints, the production had to be cut short. Tuviera then decided to turn it into a full-length film that took thirteen years to finish under APT Entertainment Inc. .

Urduja features the voices of Regine Velasquez, Cesar Montano, Eddie Garcia, and Jay Manalo. It received an “A” rating from the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) and was released on 18 June 2008. The film reportedly earned a gross of Php 30,916,566.



Set in the 13th century, this epic film tells the story of a legendary warrior princess named Urduja. As the sole heir to the throne of Tawilisi tribe, Urduja was raised by her father Lakanpati to protect their people from their rival tribe, the Batyaws. However, as tradition calls for a man to rule over the tribe, Urduja's dying father decides betroth her to Simakwel--the arrogant leader of the Tawilisi warriors.

Meanwhile, fate washes Limhang (a Chinese pirate) ashore at Tawilisi. Urduja immediately falls in love with the stranger Limhang. The thought of losing both Urduja and the crown leads Simakwel to treacherous plans. Nevertheless, Limhang and Urduja's love prevails.



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