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LetterB.jpgeing updated with the latest fashion trends in the Philippines is just a walk in the park with the following online shops. The list of online fashion shops below is a virtual mall that is up to date with the current craze and look in town. These online shops serve as fearless fashion forecasters as they have unique creations which never fail to transform a plain-looking person into a trend setter. So click on and start the window shopping spree. Just a precaution though, hanging out at these sites could eventually leave you with an empty purse.


This is the only place where you will find these unique and vintage-y looking bags. If you happen to browse through Tsoknat's albums, you'll immediately notice the number of comments for each album. Comments from people who want to reserve the one stock per style item that Toni, the owner, sells. All the bags are reserved in just a matter of minutes after photos have been uploaded. Well, this is just one proof that Tsoknat Bags are one of the hottest picks in town. Go see for yourself why.


This online boutique is always up to date with the latest trends in clothes and accessories. Buying items from this shop will give you an instant Hollywood look. With unique hair accessories,clothes, and blings, What To Wear online shop is definitely drool-worthy. So the next you had a dilemma on what to wear wear for the party of the year, head to What To Wear.


If you want chic accessories to prettify a simple outfit, then Fashion Galore is the online shop to click.The shop has many items inspired by posh brands like Gucci, Juicy Couture, LV, Dior, Chanel and the likes. And mind you, they absolutely look fab, not cheap. Aside from selling fashion items, Fashion Galore also holds contests on certain occasions which is definitely something to look forward to in this online shop.


This one is a heaven-sent online shop for people who love to accentuate their hands. Baubles Bangles N' Bangles sells wooden bangles and--take note!--not just your ordinary bangles but customized ones. Just give them a picture or any instructions on what you want for your bangles and they can do any design for you.Even your favorite pet's face.Now, isn't that cool or what? <ref>Romina Tobias. "Bangles of Art", Lifestyle Magazine, 2008-05-08. Retrieved on 2009-09-25. </ref>


This online shop is owned by the young actress Chynna Ortaleza. Being a fan of accessories herself, she turned her love for blings and trinkets into a money making business venture. Her shop has the latest trends in accessories like bling blings, necklaces, and rings. Her shop usually follows a certain theme, which, more often that not, inspired by the movies.


Axxes really gives you an access to all the fabulous dresses at a cheap price. If you are a dress person then this site will totally bring out all the girly aura in you.


If you love big bags, as in BIG but with a touch of sophistication, then this shop's M Barreto Bag Collection is definitely for you. The bag's dimensions start with a length of 15.5", and a height of 10" to 17" wide and 11" long. If you are fond of going on long trips or sleep overs, let M Barreto Bag be your company. And if you have loads of bag and you don't know how to arrange all of them anymore, The Reading Room also has a closet and bag organizer where you can hang all your precious bags and marvel at their sight.


If you want a 2/10 chance of bumping into other people with the same outfit like yours, then The Closet Queen is definitely the online shop to go to. The shop is always up to date with the season's latest trends. Most items are imported from Bangok and it offers wide variety of products not common to other online shops. So if ever you get the chance to visit The Closet Queen and saw an item you like, don't think twice anymore in getting it because most of the items are just one stock per style so it's better to be sure than sorry.


Haven't gotten over your Hello Kitty Madness yet? Then visiting this shop is just like visiting the Hello Kitty Secret House.This site has almost anything about our pink and white furry friend, from a mini sewing machine, cell phone, steering wheel cover, and all the kitchen essentials you need. With all the cute and bare essential HK items from City Glamour, you'll definitely be prettier than pink.


Feeling a little sexy? Then Lucky Doll Store is the site to click when you want to show off those curves or even flabs. The shop offers a wide variety of lingeries, swim wears and other intimate apparels for women. Can't think of what to give to your friend's bridal shower? Lucky Doll will definitely solve that problem for you. If you want something sexy, naughty and affordable, let Lucky Doll Store do the works for you.

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