Tondo, Manila

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Map of the Manila showing the location of Binondo
City Manila
Population (2000) 590,307
– Density 64,868.9 per km²
Area 9.10 km²
Barangays 259
Cong. Districts 1st to 2nd Districts
A tondo is also a circular painting or relief carving.

Tondo is one of the districts of the Philippines' capital city of Manila and is one of the most densely populated areas of land in the world. Tondo is located in the northwest portion of the city and is primarily residential-industrial in nature. Tondo is notorious for being the poorest yet most underdeveloped district of the country. Many of the city's slums are found in this area. It is also the birthplace of former president Joseph Estrada and Andres Bonifacio the Great Leader of the Katipuneros.


The world's most densely populated district

Tondo I has a land area of 5.64 km². with a population of 364,965 (1995); 64,710 persons per km².

Tondo II has a land area of 3.46 km². with a population of 224,679 (1995); 64,936 persons per km².

Tondo's average residential population density: 64,796 persons per km².

The 6th administrative district which covers the 4 districts of Sta. Ana, Sta. Mesa, Pandacan, San Miguel has a total land area of 5.48 km². with a total population of 374,099 (1995); 68,266 persons per km².

Luzon railway system

The main terminal of the Luzon railway system is located in a mall in Tutuban, Tondo, Manila. The station mentioned is already defunct and the Luzon railway system, commonly known as the Philippine National Railways, presently runs in NCR only as a part of its expansion to Northrail.


The former region of Tondo is over eleven hundred years old. Historically, Tondo was first mentioned in the Laguna Copperplate Inscription found in the National Museum of the Philippines, dated April 21, 900. During the Spanish colonial era, Tondo was one of the first provinces to be established, and on 1896, it was also one of the first to declare rebellion against Spain. In 1911, under the American tutelage, there was a major reorganization of political divisions, and the province of Tondo was dissolved, and its towns given to the provinces of Rizal and Bulacan. Today, Tondo just exists as a district in the City of Manila.

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