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Earl “Tengal” Drilon (born 23 July 1985) is a Filipino intermedia artist, curator, filmmaker, and music producer. He is a member of The Brockas, a band named after Filipino director Lino Brocka, comprised of poets, fictionists, and independent filmmakers.



Drilon finished his elementary and secondary education at Community of Learners. He earned his Certificate in Music from the University of the Philippines (UP) in 2005 and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Literature from Kalayaan College in 2007. He took Art Studies from 2007 to 2008 and is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Philosophy at UP.

An interdisciplinary media artist, Drilon works with new media, sound, music, video, cinema, performance, and technology. He has acted, composed music, and designed sound for Cine Olivia, underground director Lav Diaz's production company, as well as for internationally celebrated indie filmmakers Khavn Dela Cruz, Roxlee, John Torres, and Raya Martin.

Artist-run initiatives

Drilon is also the founder and managing director of My Head Studios, a recording and mastering studio, and of Sabaw Media Art Kitchen, a non-profit umbrella organization of artists who are into new media and experimental music. Since 2005, Sabaw has served as a network platform for all kinds of information and communication carried through modern media art, specifically in the Southeast Asian region. It continually conducts workshops, inter-artists dialogues and forums, and produces concerts and music albums. [1]

The artist-run initiative also stages festivals for new media art, experimental music, and live cinema performances, most notable of which is “Sinemusikalye.” This street concert cum audio-video installation was curated by Drilon and presented in cooperation with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts in 2008.

Selected works


  • Haus op Sing (2005) by Roxlee, actor
  • Losponggols (2005) by Sigfried Sanchez, actor
  • Three Days of Darkness (2005) by Khavn dela Cruz, actor/production designer/composer/sound designer
  • Bahag Kings (2005) by Khavn dela Cruz, actor/composer/sound designer/cinematographer
  • Bida/Kontrabida (2005) by Khavn dela Cruz, composer/musical director
  • Todo Todo Teros (2005) by John Torres, lead actor/composer/sound designer
  • Heremias (2006) by Lav Diaz, actor/composer/sound designer
  • Squatterpunk (2006) by Khavn dela Cruz, composer
  • Autohystorya (2006) by Raya Martin, sound designer
  • Long Live Filipino Cinema (2006) by Raya Martin, sound designer
  • Death in the Land of Encantos (2007) by Lav Diaz, sound designer
  • Melancholia (2008) by Lav Diaz, actor/sound artist
  • Kolorete (2008) by Ruelo Lozendo, sound designer/sound recordist


  • Feet Conjoined Hands (2005) with Thomas McWalter and Paolo Martinez
  • Le Munkee: Multimedia performance collaboration (2006) with Swiss performance artist/contemporary dancer Paolo Dos Santos
  • Sequential Boredom Series – Drones for the Bored (2006)
  • S.A.B.A.W. An Anthology of Noise, Electronic, and Experimental Music (2006)
  • EAT TAE: The way of attainment of genius or godhead considered as a development of the human brain (2007)
  • Cinema for the Ear I (2007)
  • HEAD EGO, My Shoe-gazing Experience (2007) with Arvie Bartolome
  • Improvisations on Acoustic Environments (2008) with Goh Lee Kwang and Arvie Bartolome
  • Manila's Dark Room art installation (2009) with Lav Diaz and The Brockas

The Brockas

Drilon (a.k.a. Tae Brocka) is a drummer of The Brockas, a band that plays a singular “genre” known in the literary and artistic community as “wazak en roll.” The band is said to “fuse a neanderthal musicality with a cosmopolitan sneer, creating densely orchestrated noise art that pretends to be random, when in fact every microtone is pre-planned in their collective subconscious.” [2]

The Brockas are Khavn Dela Cruz (a.k.a. Bembol B. Brocka) for piano, guitar, and vocals; Khole dela Cruz (a.k.a. Adonis Brocka) for guitar; Lav Diaz (a.k.a. Pugot Brocka) for harmonica and guitar; Roxlee (a.k.a. Akira Brocka) for harmonica and aluminum hegalong; Norman Wilwayco (a.k.a. Cyco Brocka) for bass; John Torres (a.k.a. Krzysztof Brocka) for guitar; J. Luna (a.k.a. Grasa Brocka) for bamboo flute and vocals; Palito (a.k.a. No Blood Brocka) for drums and electronics; and Ian Madrigal (a.k.a. Macho Brocka) for electronics.

The late Alexis Tioseco also played drums for the band as Curly J. Brocka.


  • Achievement in the Performing Arts – Drama (2003), Community of Learners
  • Academic Achievement in Language Arts (2003), Community of Learners
  • Special Jury Prize – Sound Designer/Composer (2006) for Heremias, Fribourg International Film Festival, Switzerland
  • The Dragons and Tigers Award – Actor/Composer (2006) for Todo Todo Teros, from Vancouver International Film Festival
  • Lino Brocka Award “Jury Prize” – Composer (2006) for Squatterpunk, Cinemanila Film Festival
  • Grand Prize for Best Film – Sound Designer (2007) for Autohystoria, Cinemanila Film Festival
  • Golden Lion Special Mention Award – Sound Designer (2007) for Death in the Land of Encantos, from Venice Film Festival
  • Orizzonti Prize – Actor (2008) for Melancholia, Venice Film Festival
  • Jury Prize and Best Sound Nominee (2008 for Kolorete, Cinema One Originals Awards


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