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Tapsilog, one of the favorite Filipino breakfasts. Photo obtained from 80Breakfasts blog.
Tapa refers to dried or cured beef or venison (deer meat), although, other meat or fish can also be turned into tapa. As a way to preserve precious meat, native Filipinos prepare thin slices and cure them in salt, and some spices. Tapa is best fried or grilled, often served with rice, fried egg and atchara (pickled papaya strips). The name Tapa was coined from the Spanish term Tapas meaning light finger food.



Tapsilog is the term used when tapa, fried rice ("sinangag"), and fried egg ("itlog") are combined into one meal, which is served often during breakfast. In Tagalog, a restaurant that primarily serves tapa is called a tapsihan. But according to CopongCopong's Pinoy Slang Dictionary, "tapsilog" [1] and "tapsihan" [2] are slang words. However, these terms are used by those restaurants and many Filipinos of all social strata, therefore "tapsilog" and "tapsihan" could be considered standard Filipino language and not slang.

Due to the word "tapsilog", all dishes that have fried rice and fried egg on it are suffixed with silog in their name. Such as the following:

  • Adosilog - adobo, fried rice and fried egg
  • Bangsilog - bangus (milkfish), fried rice and fried egg
  • Bisteksilog - beefsteak, fried rice and fried egg
  • Dangsilog - danggit (rabbitfish) , fried rice and fried egg
  • Chosilog - chorizo, fried rice and fried egg
  • Chiksilog - chicken, fried rice and fried egg
  • Cornsilog - corned beef, fried rice and fried egg
  • Hotsilog - hotdog, fried rice and fried egg
  • Longsilog - longganisa, fried rice and fried egg
  • Litsilog - lechon, fried rice and fried egg
  • Tosilog - tocino, fried rice and fried egg
  • Pakaplog - Pan (bread), coffee and fried egg

Restaurants that serve tapsilog

There are small restaurants in many barangays in the Philippines that serve tapsilog, however large business establishments have also ventured into selling tapa, such as Tapa King and Goto King. Also, due to the popularity of this cuisine, some fast food chains in the Philippines also include tapsilog on their breakfast meals like Jollibee and McDonald's.

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