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Any article on the old "Pelota Filipina"?

I read somewhere that it was developed by Rafael "Piling" Toda from Greenhills. Then Ms. Charito Araneta wrote a 101 page book about it called "The Game of Pelota Filipina", but it appears to be out of print.

The Pelota Filipina was a fabulous game in the 70's in the Philippines. It finally died down because of a number of reasons. One perhaps because the court was altered from three walls like the real Jai-Alai to two walls only. Secondly because there were no organized national tournaments held to make the game a national sports unique to the Philippines.

Perhaps this game can be revived in the U.S. I myself would like to build a pelota court here in Jacksonville, Florida. It's a lot easier to play than tennis.

Perhaps somebody can supply us with the blueprint of the court. Perhaps somebody can get in touch with Rafael Toda.

Perhaps Ms. Charito Araneta would permit Wikipilipinas to reprint her book. It might have a blueprint of the Pelota court.