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Hi, Johnmarshall 78! Thank you for your comment. I myself did not approve of that ad; like you, I am also from Mindanao. We know that although there really are places in Mindanao that are "war areas", there are also more places there that are peaceful, no less than many other places in the rest of the country. Mindanao is often portrayed as a land of conflicts between peoples, cultures and ideologies, yet we equally recognize and respect the three main cultural groups of Christian, Muslim, and lumad or indigenous peoples. But many other people in the rest of the world, even in the rest of the country, don't know that.

That is why Wikipilipinas is here. It is a medium for changing the point of view of others towards us Filipinos, and yes, that also includes Mindanaoans. By writing articles from the Filipino point of view (or the Mindanaoan point of view), we can say that yes, there are bad things that happen in our country, but they are no more and no less than what happens in many other places. And that there are also many good and beautiful things that we have in our own country, that if other people only knew about them, they would realize that we are not so bad after all, that we are just human like them.

This is the challenge that Wikipilipinas holds for all of us Filipinos. Americans are oh so proud of what it is like to be an American that they talk about it to the rest of the world. How do we tell the world what it is like to be Filipino? You, for example, can start by writing articles about the place and the people that you know best. What makes your hometown different from others? What are the places that people there like to go to but outsiders don't know about? What food do people there like to eat, what are your customs and traditions, what do you do for fun, what language do you speak?

So, are you ready to take up the challenge?

-Layamaria 09:33, 14 December 2007 (Taipei Standard Time)

I was struck by the ad of Mike Enriquez, Re: GMA Networks namamasko para sa mga bata ng Mindanao..Struck that is not that i suddenly felt the need to help...but I was struck with a big QUESTION...How can a big media network open an advertisement that portraits mindanao a war torn area?????? reality it its NOT...

in contrast....the megalopolis of Manila is a bigger war ravaged area in its purest form where many of the children are far more exposed to the risks of war...a very violent war...check the news everyday..everyone is to susceptible to the lawless elements...

in comparison with the mindanao scenario..indeed thare are war hotspots, but in only takes a few areas that are willingly to be used "as war area" in return for downloaded funds from the government and donor agencies..

GMA 7 Network must not abuse this mentality...creating a mentality that mindanao is a war torn area;beacuse for decades..harbingers of peace..and foughthardly and won the creation and promotion of culture of peace.

Media practitioners..instead of..portraying Mindanao as a funnel of donations...must showcase to the world..that the best peace promotive activities are here in Mindanao

-Johnmarshall 78 16:17, 13 December 2007