Sorsogon City

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Sorsogon City
File:250px-Ph locator sorsogon s.jpg
Region Bicol Region (Region V)
Province Sorsogon
Mayor Hon. Mayor Sally A. Lee
cityhood     = August 16, 2000
Barangays 64
Physical characteristics
Area 338.20 km²
Total (2000) 134,678
Density 398.22/km²

Sorsogon City is a 5th class city in the province of Sorsogon, Philippines. It is the capital city of Sorsogon. It was formed by merging the former towns of Bacon and Sorsogon in 2000.

According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 134,678 people in 26,047 households.



Sorsogon City is politically subdivided into 64 barangays.

36 barangays were in the former municipality of Sorsogon:

  • Abuyog
  • Almendras-Cogon (Pob.)
  • Balogo
  • Barayong
  • Basud
  • Bibincahan
  • Bitan-o/Dalipay (Pob.)
  • Bucalbucalan
  • Buenavista
  • Buhatan
  • Bulabog
  • Burabod (Pob.)
  • Cabid-An
  • Cambulaga
  • Capuy
  • Gimaloto
  • Guinlajon
  • Macabog
  • Marinas
  • Pamurayan
  • Pangpang
  • Panlayaan
  • Peñafrancia
  • Piot (Pob.)
  • Polvorista (Pob.)
  • Rizal
  • Salog (Pob.)
  • Salvacion
  • Sampaloc (Pob.)
  • San Isidro
  • San Juan (Roro)
  • Sirangan (Pob.)
  • Sulucan (Pob.)
  • Talisay (Pob.)
  • Ticol
  • Tugos

28 barangays were in the former municipality of Bacon:

  • Balete
  • Bato
  • Bon-Ot
  • Bogña
  • Buenavista
  • Cabarbuhan
  • Caricaran
  • Del Rosario
  • Gatbo
  • Jamislagan
  • Maricrum
  • Osiao
  • Poblacion
  • Rawis
  • Salvacion
  • San Isidro
  • San Juan
  • San Pascual
  • San Ramon
  • San Roque
  • San Vicente
  • Santa Cruz
  • Santa Lucia
  • Santo Domingo
  • Santo Niño
  • Sawanga
  • Sugod


Sorsogon City was created by virtue of Republic Act 8806 which was enacted on August 16, 2000 and ratified in December 2000.

Prominent politicians of the locality behind its creation were incumbent Sorsogon 1st District Representative Francis Escudero and former Bacon Municipal Mayor Leovic R. Dioneda. Former Bacon Vice-Mayor Aurelio Destacamento, joined by former Sorsogon councilors Antonio C. Detera, Azel Diesta and Telo Mella fought before the two local legislative chambers, for the approval of appropriation ordinances providing budget for the holding of its plebiscite.

Prior to its ratification, a petition to declare RA 8806 null and void was filed by lawyer Atty. Gil Gojol. Because Bacon municipality was enjoined as one of the respondents in said petition, a young practising lawyer from Buenavista, Bacon District, in the name of Atty. Glenn Olbes, defended its constitutionality. The legal battle for its constitutionality was upheld later on by a majority decision of the Sorsoguenos who desire for the development of the newly created local government unit.

Opponents for its ratification were incumbent Governor Raul R. Lee and his wife, Sally A. Lee who became its first contested City Mayor.

Presently, its new mayor is Leovic Dioneda, who is also the last mayor of the municipality of Bacon before it was consolidated with the municipality of Sorsogon to form Sorsogon City.



AM stations

  • DWFA - 801 Sorsogon
  • DZJJ - 909 Sorsogon
  • DZHE - 1089 Sorsogon (Security Broadcasting Corporation a affiliate of Audiovisual Communicators Inc)
  • DZRS - 1179 Sorsogon (Radio Sorsogon Network)
  • DZMS - 1251 Sorsogon (PBN Broadcasting Network)
  • DZZH - 1287 Sorsogon (Manila Broadcasting Company)
  • DZRS - 1269 Sorsogon (Radio Sorsogon Network)
  • DZJW - 1395 Sorsogon (Audiovisual Communicators, Inc)
  • DZYF - 1449 Sorsogon (Soon)
  • DZFN - 1566 Sorsogon (Soon)

FM stations

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