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Simba (APC)
GKN Simba (APC)
Type Armoured Infantry Fight Vehicle
Place of origin United Kingdom
Service history
In service 1970s-Present
Used by Philippine Army
Wars Anti-guerilla operations in the Philippines
Production history
Manufacturer GKN
Variants AIFV, Fire Support Vehicle, Internal Security, Anti-Tank, Mortar Carrier
Weight 11.2 - 11.9 Tons (Depeding on role)
Length 5.35m
Width 2.5m
Height 2.19m (low profile cupola)
Crew 3+8/10

Armor 8mm Steel Armor(maximum estimate)
1 x 7.62mm Machinegun
40mm Grenade Launchers
Engine Perkins 210 Ti diesel turbo charged intercooler engine
Power/weight 18.75bhp/ton
Speed 100kph
A Simba AFV assigned with the Presidential Security Group (Philippines).

The Simba is a wheeled armoured personnel carrier. It was designed by GKN Sangkey (now part of BAE Systems Land and Armaments) and is currently in service with the Philippine Army. A total of 150 were ordered by the Philippine Army and most of them were assembled locally from kits provided by GKN.


Vehicle Profile

The Simba Light Combat Vehicle (LCV) was designed GKN primarily for selling in the export market and following continuous and rigid trials; was selected by the Armed Forces of the Philippines who placed an initial order of 150 vehicles.

Of the 150 vehicles ordered, 8 were delivered in complete kit form, 2 in knocked-down kit form, and the other 140 were later assembled in the Philippines in a facility owned by the joint venture company Asian Armoured Technologies Corporation.

The Driver is seated conventionally Front-Left with the powerpack to his right and the troop compartment extending up to the rear of the vehicle. The troops on seats down either side can dismount the vehicle via the door in the rear or the door in the left side of the hull. The Driver and Commander can dismount via Cupola door and the Driver's side door. The vehicle used by the Philippine Army have a one man turret armed with a 12.7mm M2 Machinegun. Some vehicles were fitted with a one person turret armed with a 25mm cannon and a 7.62mm General Purpose Machinegun.

A wide range of optional equipment was offered and can be fitted to the vehicle including a front mounted winch, heater/air-conditioning system, and various weapon systems.

Philippine Army Simbas' are fitted with an air-conditioning system, mainly due to the tropical climate of the country. These vehicles have seen action from Anti-dissidence campaigns against communist insurgents in the North and have dealt with terrorists in counter-terrorism campaigns in the southern most provinces of Mindanao.



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