Sheryn Regis

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Sheryn Regis
File:Sheryn in UK.jpg
Sheryn Regis performing in Morden Park, UK
Background information
Born November 26, 1980 (age 27)
Origin Flag of the Philippines Carcar, Cebu, Philippines
Genre(s) Pop, Ballad, Classical, Rock
Occupation(s) Singer- Actress-songwriter
Years active 2003 - Present
Label(s) Star Records (2003 - Present)


Sheryn Regis (born Sheryn Mae Poncardas Regis) is a Filipina pop music|pop singer. Sheryn is well-remembered as the consistent top scorer of Star in a Million, where she eventually ended up as runner-up to Erik Santos in January 2004.

From being a contestant in Star in a Million, Sheryn has earned the hearts of the people and is best known for her renditions of ballads, including Wendy Moten’s “Come In Out of the Rain”, Roberta Flack’s “Maybe”, and Chaka Khan’s “Through the Fire." She is not just known locally, but is also able to travel with her co-champions in many parts of the world to share their unique talents.



Early Life and Career

Sheryn was born and raised in Carcar, Cebu to Bernardo and Daisy Regis. She is the eldest of three kids and has two siblings, Elton and Joseph.

Sheryn’s childhood was not easy. While growing up, her family experienced the realities of living. Due to the lack of money, her father had to go to Saudi Arabia to compensate for the family’s needs. It was during those times that her mother guided Sheryn in singing. Ironically, it was her father who could sing well, but her mother took the place of a singing coach.

At the age of 2, Sheryn was able to hum and sing simple tunes already, her mom recalls. Her first and favorite contest piece was Ms. Kuh Ledesma’s “Dito Ba” which Sheryn learned at the age of five. At seven, Sheryn started joining amateur singing contests, one after the other. Her winnings were used to buy tapes of Shirley Bassey’s hits for her next contest piece. And at the age of eight, Sheryn won her first grand prize for Ms. Tillie Moreno’s “Saan Ako Nagkamali?”.

While other children were spending their time playing, Sheryn devoted herself to practicing her contest pieces. Though without formal training, she recalls practicing beside a deep well to help her reach high notes. Needless to say, singing was a passion for Sheryn.

Aside from singing, Sheryn tried teaching voice lessons to children while in high school. In her college years, Sheryn was able to finish her B.S. Secondary Education, Major in English in Cebu Normal University. It was during these years too that she was exposed to theater acting and chorale singing. It gave her a chance to travel abroad and to perform to Filipino communities in Canada and in the USA. They had Mr. Leo Martinez and Ms. Gina Alajar as workshop mentors. In 1999, she was awarded as the Best Interpreter in the Cebu Pop Music Festival (a songwriting festival) and the original composition that she sang also won the Grand Prize.

Sheryn worked as a lounge singer in Cebu Plaza Hotel where she met the man of her life. Her husband, Earl Echiverri, was the pianist then. Though the age gap is quite big, it did not matter at all. Sheryn quips that it was Earl’s maturity that attracted her the most. In 2002, they exchanged vows and were blessed with a wonderful daughter nicknamed “Sweetie” the following year.

Later in 2003, Sheryn tried her luck in ABS-CBN’s Star in a Million. She was the consistent top finalist, but ended up as the first runner-up and texter’s choice awardee. Thinking it was the end of her dream, Sheryn went back to Cebu. Unexpectedly, aside from ABS-CBN, another company offered her a recording contract. After careful choice-making, she decided to accept ABS-CBN’s offer for she has been grateful to the network.

Sheryn and the Press

“Making music is what I do best… to sing, to express myself and to emanate the love that I have in me. I live for it and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else that would make me happier" quotes the Malaya of this diminutive diva from Carcar, Cebu. Added The Manila Times, “singing, especially live before an audience, is indeed what this petite singing champ does best.” Sheryn's “ability to hold and entertain her audience in shows is staged in both intimate and big venues”, as the Sun Star News puts it, does not only hold true to her fans but to the press people and critics as well.

Being aware of the sacrifices that Sheryn has to make to reach where she is today, the Malaya says, “it is no secret that her fame was not easy. But she has weathered the storms and remains strong. Indeed, the girl from Carcar, Cebu has truly come a long way. From being just another runner-up in a singing contest, she has transformed herself into one of the most sought-after—and most-awarded artists of the season.” It is further said, “an accomplished artist and a fulfilled woman, these are just a few things to describe what Sheryn Regis has metamorphosed into a span of two years.”

Knowing of Sheryn’s love for children, The Tribune has this to say, “Sheryn Regis reflected her love for children when she decided to take up a teaching course in a Cebu university. She practiced her profession for about a year which was abruptly curtailed when she decided to join Star in a Million in which she emerged as the first runner-up. She is often considered as one of the major stars of Star Records and her love for children did not stop. She would treat street children to fast-food restaurants wherever she performed.”

During the launching of her second album What I do Best, the Daily Tribune said that “she shines in this album. Until now, Sheryn is one of the local artists who can hit notes and what makes her more remarkable is her ability to do it live. What you hear her sing in CDs is the same voice quality you get when she performs live. And she can do this in a diverse mix of genres, from easy listening dance tracks to ballads. Her second CD is a great example of this amazing ability.”

In one of her local mall tours, a writer named Jimmy P. Abayon has these accounts on Sheryn’s crowd-pleasing style, saying “face beaming with childlike mischief, Sheryn answered questions with the naivete and the sultry voice that have endeared her to the hearts of pop song lovers and children in this show entertainment-mad country. One apparent thing about this singer is her smooth ability to identify herself with those before her. She has this charm of drawing people. A fragile 4'10", she occupies the room with her magic presence. And in a larger venue, she draws more people…cracks jokes, sings with pick-up 'singers' from the crowd, and entertains her fans with the natural flair of the provinciana (a girl which grew up in the provinces).” Mr. Abayon further adds, “what does Sheryn do best? That she can sing is a given. Her records can prove this. More than anything else, she cares. She cares for children. Sheryn has a little child of her own.

On Sheryn Regis’ success, the Manila Bulletin says, "If Sheryn is experiencing a windfall of fortune lately then we are not at all surprised. So unselfishly, she makes it a point to share her blessings not only to her family but to various causes as well. One of these was her putting up almost a million pesos for the construction of the Among Gabayan ng Sto. Niño church in Carcar by holding a benefit concert there.” And this was only the beginning, because last November 26, 2005, during her birthday concert, Sheryn launched her very own Little Voices Foundation, which will cater to the educational needs of homeless children.

Fittingly, Manila Bulletin further quoted Sheryn as saying, “I'm merely giving back all the love and unwavering support my family has shown me all these years."

Recent Accomplishments

Coming Out of the Rain

Sheryn Regis wins 2nd prize at the 2004 Voice of Asia Song Festival held in Kazakhstan.

Great opportunities came her way after her heartache in SIAM. Her “losing” song, “Come In Out of the Rain”, was a consistent hit in radio charts. Her first solo album under Star Records entitled, “Sheryn, Come In Out of the Rain” was released in April 2004 and has reached platinum status. From the said album also comes the theme song of the hit fantaserye, Marina, entitled “Kailan Kaya” written by Cacai Velasquez and Raul Mitra.

Sheryn has become part of different variety shows, including MTB and Most Requested Show, and ASAP '07. She was chosen by Mr. Vehnee Saturno to represent the Philippines in the 2004 Voice of Asia Song Festival held in Kazakhstan where she won Second Prize.

She joins Sarah Geronimo, Erik Santos, Rachelle Ann Go, Frenchie Dy, Jerome Sala, Kris Lawrence, Jed Madela, Mark Bautista, and Christian Bautista in the “Champions”, a league of Filipino singers who made it big in singing contests.

Doing What She Does Best

In July of 2005, Sheryn launched her second album entitled "Sheryn Regis, What I Do Best" of which the carrier single bearing the same title became a hit. Later on, her sophomore album reached gold status.

She is the voice behind the song “Sabihin Mo Sa Akin”, the theme from ABS-CBN’s fantaserye, Kampanerang Kuba which starred Anne Curtis. Her song "Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka" was chosen to be the love theme song of Kristine Hermosa's teleserye Gulong ng Palad. Sheryn's "Dahil Nagmamahal" was chosen as the theme song of Bernadette Sembrano's Nagmamahal, Kapamilya. Sheryn hosted the recently concluded Search for the Star in a Million Season 2 with fellow champs Erik, Rachelle Ann, and Mark. She is also the host of Little Big Star Cebu, which recently ranked as the fourth top-rating show in ABS-CBN's Nationwide Charts.

During her birthday concert held at the SM Centerstage, Sheryn announced the founding of her very own organization, Little Voices Foundation, established to help provide education for the less-fortunate children.

A Breakthrough in Modern Recording

On October 2006, Sheryn began recording for her third album under Star Records. The album was set to release on November 20, 2006. Her first single off the album entitled Ang Pag-Ibig Kong Ito has just hit the radio waves and is enjoying frequent airplay. The song is a remake of a Leah Navarro original.

Sheryn's remake of Joey Albert's I Remember the Boy was chosen as Jasmine's Theme Song for ABS-CBN's newest teleserye featuring Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson entitled Sana Maulit Muli.

Sheryn is also the voice behind Maria Flordeluna, the theme song of another ABS-CBN teleserye bearing the same title.


Solo Albums

Album Cover Album Information Title Tracks
Ciootr.jpg May 2004

Star Records
Platinum Award
(30,000 units)

Come In Out of the Rain
  1. Come In Out of the Rain
  2. Sana'y Ingatan Mo
  3. We Could Be in Love
  4. Kailan Kaya
  5. Sana’y Di Pangarap
  6. Maybe
  7. Now More Than Ever
  8. Shoobee Doo Wop
  9. Follow Your Dream
  10. Among Gabayan
Widb.jpg July 2005

Star Records
Gold Award
(15,000 units)

What I Do Best
  1. What I Do Best
  2. Sa Piling Mo
  3. I Don’t Want You to Go
  4. Now That I Have You
  5. Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka
  6. Sabihin Mo Sa Akin
  7. When You Tell Me That You Love Me
  8. Dahil Nagmamahal
  9. If Ever I See You Again
  10. (Try It) On My Own
Srtmjc.jpg November 2006

Star Records

The Modern Jukebox Collection
  1. Ang Pag-ibig Kong Ito
  2. Alam Mo Ba?
  3. Sayang na Sayang
  4. Bago Magbukas
  5. After All
  6. Bakit Iniwan Mo
  7. Ang Lahat Para Sa'yo
  8. 'Di Na Ba Babalik Pa?
  9. I Remember the Boy
  10. Pusong Lito
  11. Bonus Track: Maria Flordeluna

Minus One:

  • Ang Pag-ibig Kong Ito
  • Alam Mo Ba?
  • After All
  • I Remember the Boy
  • Pusong Lito
  • Sayang na Sayang


Star in a Million Now That I Have You Krystala The Purpose Driven Life Hotsilog
Siamcd.jpg Ntihycd.jpg Krystalacd.jpg Tpdlcd.jpg Hotsilogalbum.jpg


Come In Out of the Rain

  • 2004: Come In Out of the Rain
  • 2004: Kailan Kaya (Marina OST)
  • 2004: Maybe
  • 2004: Follow Your Dream
  • 2004: Sana'y Ingatan Mo

What I Do Best

  • 2005: Sabihin Mo Sa Akin (Kampanerang Kuba OST)
  • 2005: What I Do Best
  • 2006: Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka (Gulong ng Palad Love OST)
  • 2006: Dahil Nagmamahal (Nagmamahal, Kapamilya OST)
  • 2006: Sa Piling Mo

The Modern Jukebox Collection

  • 2006: Ang Pag-ibig Kong Ito
  • 2007: I Remember the Boy (Sana Maulit Muli Love OST)
  • 2007: Maria Flordeluna (Maria Flordeluna OST)


  • Best Interpreter and Champion, 17th Cebu Pop Music Festival (January 1999)
  • University Songbird of the Year, Cebu Normal University (2000)
  • 2nd Prize, Voice of Asia Song Festival, Kazakhstan (August 2004)
  • Top Entertainer International Achievement Awardee, 21st Year-Ender Excellence Awards (February 2005)
  • Best Female Performer, People's Choice Awards (October 2005)
  • Best Song by a Female Performer for "What I Do Best", iFM Pinoy Music Awards (January 2006)
  • Song of the Year for "Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka", S-Magazine's Readers' Choice Awards (October 2006)


  • Best Inspirational Song (Follow Your Dream), The 18th Awit Awards 2005
  • Best Regional Recording (Among Gabayan), The 18th Awit Awards 2005
  • Best Song Written for Movie/TV/Stage/Play (Kailan Kaya), The 18th Awit Awards 2005
  • Best Concert Performer in an Intimate Venue - Female, The 18th Aliw Awards 2005

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