Rajah Sulayman

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Rajah Soliman (سليمان in Arabic)(1558 - 1575) was a muslim ruler of Maynila. He was related to the sultan of Brunei by marriage.


Sulayman's territory was along the Pasig river wherein several villages where located. He imposed taxes to Chinese traders who wanted to anchor their junks along the river and engage in trade with the local village-settlers. In 1570, the Spanish conquistadors Martin de Goiti and Juan de Salcedo arrived in the island. Being the Muslim leader of Manila, Sulayman led his warriors to wage war against the foreign invaders, and armed themselves with stakes, wooden palisades, culverins, and cannons with lighted fuses. On 5 June 1570, a war broke out. The Spaniards, having superior weapons and excellent fighting skills, defeated the natives and burned all houses in Manila. A year after, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi went to Manila and was determined to end the war against the Muslims. Legaspi, with the intercession of the rajah's first cousin Lakandula, offered a peace pact to Sulayman.


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