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This article is about a 16th century Muslim leader. For a novel Lakandula,see Lakandula (novel).

Lakan Dula or Rajah Lakandula (b. early 16th century - d. 1575) was the great ruler of the Muslim community along the Pasig River during the arrival of the Spaniards in the Philippines. A native of Tondo, then known as Tondok, he was a descendant of the king of Namayan who lived about a two centuries earlier than him.

The title, Lakan, is the Kapampangan equivalent of Rajah. Actually, there were three muslim leaders in Manila before Martin de Goiti and Juan de Salcedo and other Spanish conquistadors came to conquer the islands. Dula fought the invaders but decided to surrender and befriended them. He sailed to Bulacan to persuade the natives to submit to the Spanish rule. In 1571, he made a peace pact with Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and handed over his throne. Later, Manila became the capital of the Spanish colony. When the Chinese pirate Limahong came to Manila to conquer, Lakan Dula helped repel the attack. He was later baptized but attempts to fully convert him into a Christian failed, because he claimed that he was too old to change gods. At his burial, cannons were fired and nine-day masses where held in his honor by the Spaniards.

Notable Descedants


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