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Private schools are academic institutions not directly administered by the state and local governments. In that case, the institutions have the autonomy to select their students carefully and charge their students with full tuition fees rather than rely on government funds and subsidies. Their being private institutions however do not exempt them from abiding by the policies, standards and guidelines set by the DepEd (for elementary and secondary schools) and Commission on Higher Education (for universities and colleges).

In the Philippines, the private sector has been a major provider of educational services, accounting for about 7.5% of primary enrollment, 32% of secondary enrollment and about 80% of tertiary enrollment. There were 4,800 private elementary schools, 3,377 private secondary schools and 2,036 private higher education institutions in the country as of 2007.

Characteristics of private schools

Private schools in the country are classified into two: the sectarian and the non-sectarian. Their establish and operation are governed by the Philippine Corporation Code.

Sectarian schools are non-stock, non-profit educational corporations usually owned by religious organizations particularly by the Catholic and Protestant religions. Meanwhile, private non-sectarian schools are operated by private individuals or corporations. These include memorial or foundation schools, language schools and international schools. There are about 300 sectarian higher education schools and over 830 private non-sectarian schools in the country.

Government has given private educational institutions have more flexibility and autonomy in recent years through the lifting of the moratorium on applications for new courses, new schools and conversions; the liberalization of the tuition fee policy for private schools; and by replacing Values Education for third and fourth year high school curricula with English, Mathematics and natural science at the option of the school.

In 2007, the Commission on Higher Education granted autonomous or deregulated status to 34 private universities and colleges for their exemplary performance in education, research and extension services.




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