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The 2007 elections, known otherwise as the Philippine national and local midterm elections, were held on May 14, 2007 and the candidates vie for positions in the Senate, who are elected for six-year terms, and the House of Representatives, elected every three years. The duly elected legislators of the 2007 elections join the elected senators of the 2004 elections and comprise the 14th Congress of the Philippines.

The Philippine midterm elections are done every 3 years, replacing legislative and local official posts. All 212 local district representatives win seats in the Congress by being elected directly (through popular vote) by the constituents. There are also positions in the Congress for organized representation of special minorities and party list groups, who gain one seat for every 2% of the total number of votes in the national electorate, but are only limited to three seats. Local elections for governor, vice governor, mayoral, and barangay posts also take place during the midterm elections.


Official candidates

On March 19, 2007 the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) released Resolution No.7832 which has finalized and approved the official candidates for the senatorial election. Then on March 24, 2007 the Commission on Elections has certified has the 37 Senatorial Candidates:

With regards to Joselito Pepito "Peter" Cayetano, he is declared a nuisance candidate after the resolution made by the COMELEC on March 27, 2007 on the disqualification case (SPA 07-019) filed by Genuine Opposition Senatorial Candidate Taguig City-Pateros Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano.

TEAM Unity

TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) Unity is a coalition composed mostly of supporters and erstwhile critics of current Philippine president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. TEAM Unity seeks to take several Senate seats in oder to ensure the passage of President Arroyo's legislative programs and also to protect her from any impeachment attempts by the political opposition after the midterm elections.

The political party is composed by different political parties in the country such as Lakas-CMD (Lakas-Christian-Muslim Democrats), Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino (Kampi), Liberal Party (Atienza Wing), Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC--Cojuangco Wing), Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP), and the Partido Demokratiko Sosyalista ng Pilipinas (PDSP).

TEAM Unity's campaign team is led by veteran political strategist Reli German (campaign manager), Tourism Secretary Ace Durano (spokesperson) and Ike Rodriguez (campaign director).

TEAM Unity held its proclamation rally at the Cebu Coliseum last February 17, and introduced the following as standard bearers:

(+) Leyte governor Jericho Petilla filed his candidacy on February 12, 2007 but signified interest in withdrawing in the Senate race after his mother, Remedios decided not to run as governor of Leyte. Cesar Montano was chosen to replace Petilla according to spokesperson Ace Durano.

Genuine Opposition

The United Opposition (UNO) Coalition was created by Makati City mayor Jejomar Binay on June 2005 to unite all politicians against Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The UNO started scouting candidates for the Senate as early as October 2006 to claim a large share in the Senate seats. On January 2007, UNO started short listing its nominees after a large number interested personalities wanted to join the opposition. The UNO then proclaimed that it has changed its name last February 15, 2007--from UNO to Genuine Opposition (GO) after a meeting with Senate President Manny Villar in his office in Las Piñas.

Although Senate President Manny Villar and Senate Majority Leader Francis Pangilinan are running under the Opposition, they remain independent candidates similar to their 2001 election campaign. On February 28, 2007, the GO dropped Francis Pangilinan as its adopted candidate.

The GO had its proclamation rally at Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila on February 25, 2007, with the following as their standard bearers:


  • Gringo Honasan - (Independent (politician)|Ind/Philippine Guardians Brotherhood) Senator (1995-2001; 2001-2004), cashiered military officer (with the rank of Colonel)
  • Richard Gomez - (Independent (politician)|Ind/[[Nationalist People's Coalition-Gomez Wing) actor

Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL)

(+) Muslim KBL Senatorial Candidate Mujahib Hashim was disqualified by the COMELEC in its Resolution No. 7832 because his Certificate of Candidacy (COC) says Habib "Boggs" Hashim and not Mujahib Hashim which meant that his COC is unsubscribed and unsworn therefore was disqualified and declared a nuisance candidate.

Ang Kapatiran

  • Dr. Martin Bautista - Gastroenterologist who had spent the last 17 years working in the United States. Last year, he went home for good with his wife and four daughters and was later convinced to run under the Ang Kapatiran ticket.
  • Adrian Sison - Seasoned lawyer specializing in taxation and family law.

Philippine Green Republican Party (PGRP)


Almost all candidates made use of the traditional forms of campaigning, such as newspaper, radio, and TV ads. Prospero Pichay, Manny Villar, Mike Santiago, and Loren Legarda were very visible on TV, while Tessie Aquino Oreta's TV ad campaign raised different reactions regarding her public apology being the “dancing queen” during the impeachment of President Joseph Estrada. Some candidates like Chiz Escudero, Vic Magsaysay, Francis Pangilinan and Antonio Trillanes made use of the internet by joining social networking sites and creating weblogs.

Problems, issues and controversies

The 2007 elections were surrounded with different controversies, and the most talked about is the efforts, mainly by the Administration, to amend the Philippine Constitution to shift the country from a bicameral and presidential system to a unicameral and parliamentary system, and by the opposition to oust President Arroyo through various means. The opposition is this case includes the UNO as well as other groups and individuals not in the UNO. The UNO is now known as the Genuine Opposition.

Both the administration and opposition candidates also faced issues regarding their finances: Team Unity senatorial bets Cesar Montano and Sultan Jamalul Kiram III reportedly backed out of the race, both saying that they were experiencing financial problems. Likewise, Genuine Opposition campaign manager JV Ejercito said that their resources ran out because his father, Joseph Estrada, was the only one who funded the campaign. Another problem for the GO is the frequent cancellation of their provincial sorties due to lack of local coordinators that will bring people into their rallies.

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) itself was also facing difficulties and issues because of the fire that hit its old building last March 11, 2007, resulting in speculations of conspiracies to cheat on the May 14 election, and for publishing on the internet the names, addresses and details of registered voters.

Official results


The top 12 candidates elected into the 14th Congress of the Philippines comprise one-half of the 24-seat Senate. They have 6-year terms and will serve up to the 15th Congress.

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Summary of the 14 May 2007 Senate of the Philippines election results
Candidate Party Votes
Loren Legarda Genuine Opposition - NPC 18,264,410
Francis Joseph Escudero Genuine Opposition - NPC 18,008,264
Panfilo Lacson Genuine Opposition - GO 15,360,022
Manuel Villar Genuine Opposition - NP 15,116,699
Francis Pangilinan Independent - LP 14,336,017
Benigno Aquino III Genuine Opposition - LP 14,160,366
Persida Rueda-Acosta Genuine Opposition - LP 14,155,300
Edgardo Angara TEAM Unity - LDP 12,347,196
Alan Peter Cayetano Genuine Opposition - NP 11,689,427
Joker Arroyo TEAM Unity - KAMPI 11,506,368
Gregorio Honasan Independent 11,427,400
Antonio Trillanes IV Genuine Opposition - GO 11,093,463
Aquilino Pimentel III Genuine Opposition - PDP-Laban 10,809,232
Juan Miguel Zubiri TEAM Unity - Lakas-CMD 10,697,825
Ralph Recto TEAM Unity - Lakas-CMD 10,422,089
Jose Miguel Arroyo TEAM Unity - Lakas-CMD 10,400,030
Rico Hizon Genuine Opposition - Independent 9,555,310
Michael Defensor TEAM Unity - Lakas-CMD 9,667,713
Prospero Pichay Jr. TEAM Unity - Lakas-CMD 9,466,975
Sonia Roco Genuine Opposition - AD 8,394,174
Cesar Montano TEAM Unity - Lakas-CMD 7,631,874
Tito Sotto TEAM Unity - NPC 7,370,344
John Henry Osmeña Genuine Opposition - GO 7,188,242
Vic Magsaysay TEAM Unity - Lakas-CMD 6,216,740
Nikki Coseteng Genuine Opposition - Independent 5,235,564
Tessie Aquino-Oreta TEAM Unity - NPC 4,247,216
Luis Chavit Singson TEAM Unity - Lakas-CMD 4,118,668
Richard Gomez Independent 2,693,663
Jamalul Kiram III TEAM Unity - PDSP 2,371,238
Mel Chavez Kilusang Bagong Lipunan 833,151
Martin Bautista Ang Kapatiran 754,577
Zosimo Paredes II Ang Kapatiran 707,807
Joselito Cayetano* Kilusang Bagong Lipunan 504,820
Adrian Sison Ang Kapatiran 399,137
Oliver Lozano Kilusang Bagong Lipunan 302,564
Antonio Estrella Kilusang Bagong Lipunan 282,760
Victor Wood Kilusang Bagong Lipunan 279,946
Felix Cantal PGRP 120,217
Orpilla, Eduardo Kilusang Bagong Lipunan 106,716
Enciso, Ruben Kilusang Bagong Lipunan 99,251
Note: A total of 37 candidates ran for senator.<ref>Joselito "Pepito" "Peter" "Jojo" Cayetano has been declared a nuisance candidate, but he could file at the Supreme Court, so the Cayetano issue is not resolved.</ref> Source: website

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