Philippine National Red Cross

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Philippine National Red Cross
Pambansang Pulang Krus ng Pilipinas
Tpnrc logo.jpg
Established December 4, 1917 (as chapter)
April 15, 1947
Head Richard Gordon
Address Manila, Philippines
Tel. No. 143, +632-5270000

The Philippine National Red Cross, officially begun in 1947, is a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The PNRC provides six major services: Blood Services, Disaster Management, Safety Services, Community Health and Nursing, Social Services and the Volunteer Service. [1]



According to the PNRC's website [2] Apolinario Mabini encouraged the Malolos Republic to form a national Red Cross organization. On 17 February 1899, the Malolos Republic approved the Constitution of the National Association of the Red Cross. [3] The Republic appointed Mrs. Hilario del Rosario de Aguinaldo as President of the Association.

Felipe Agoncillo, Filipino diplomat, met with Gustave Moynier, an original member of the Committee of Five and ICRC President on 29 August 1900. He sought recognition of the Filipino Red Cross Society as well as the application of the First Geneva Convention during the Filipino-American war.

On 30 August 1905 the American National Red Cross (ANRC) formed a Philippine Branch with Filipino and American leaders. It was officially recognized as a Chapter of the ANRC on 4 December 1917.

In 1934 President Manuel L. Quezon established an independent Philippine Red Cross. However, because the Philippines was a U.S. territory, and later a U.S. Commonwealth it could not sign the Geneva Conventions and therefore it could not be recognized by the ICRC.

In 1942, during the occupation of the Philippines by Japan, the Japanese created a Philippine Red Cross that they controlled to take care of internment camps located in the country. Once Manila was liberated by United States and Filipino forces in 1945, local Red Cross officials and the ANRC reestablished an independent Red Cross.

The Philippines gained independence from the United States on July 4, 1946. Dr. J. Horacio Yanzon, was appointed the first Filipino Red Cross Manager in December of 1946 with thirty-six Red Cross chapters initially set up in the country. On 14 February 1947 President Manuel A. Roxas signed the Treaty of Geneva and the Prisoners of War Convention. On 22 March 1947 President Roxas signed Republic Act 95, the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Charter.

Mrs. Aurora Aragon Quezon, the first PNRC Chairman, on 29 March 1947, received on a cable from Geneva indicating that the ICRC approved the recognition of the PNRC. The Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) had its inaugural ceremony on 15 April 1947.

The PNRC was admitted as a bona fide member of the League of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (now known as the Federation) on 17 September 1947.

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