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The Philippine National Arts Month (NAM) is a month designated for events celebrating, developing, and promoting Philippine arts, including dance, visual arts, music, architecture, film, and literature. It has taken place every February since 1991.



The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) is the body that is in charge of coordinating the events, though local government units (LGUs) and various arts and culture organizations may organize their own activities for NAM. The nature of the events varies depending on the designated theme, though LGUs may choose a sub-theme appropriate to their situation.


February was declared National Arts Month in the Philippines by Presidential Proclamation No. 683, signed on January 28, 1991 by President Corazon Aquino. The event has been celebrated with a different theme each year since then. In 2009, the NCCA chose to raise the event to international status with the Philippine International Arts Festival (PIAF). Memorandum Circular 2009-04 signed by Secretary Ronaldo Puno urges involvement in the NAM-PIAF for the development of arts in the Philippines.

The official NAM logo is a flower in the style of a traditional Sulu okir motif. The budding flower is a symbol of the blossoming of Philippine arts. Printmaker Pandy Aylado designed the logo and it was colored by graphic artist Peewee Roldan.

Some regular events

  • Cinema Paraiso - First held in 2003, Cinema Paraiso is a Philippine film event which involves an exhibit of Philippine movie artifacts and memorabilia and a series of free screenings of classic films hosted by the NCCA.
  • SMS poetry writing contests – Since 2002, the NCCA has sponsored poetry writing contests wherein poetry in designated traditional forms must be written on a given theme and submitted via text messaging. Some of the past contests were Textanaga, Dalitext, and Dionatext.
  • Pelikula at Lipunan Film Festival – A film festival showcasing a variety of cultural films at minimal fees, Pelikula at Lipunan was launched by NCCA in 1994, though it is now handled by the Mowelfund.
  • Tanghal University Theater Festival – The productions of various university theater groups have been presented in this theater festival since 2006.
  • Sayaw Pinoy – Since 2004, this touring dance concert has showcased different Philippine dances presented by a variety of dance troupes.
  • Flag ceremonies and exhibits – Since 2003, exhibits and flag ceremonies accompanied by various cultural presentations have been held by the NCCA at Malacañang Palace, the Philippine House of Representatives, the Senate and the Philippine Supreme Court every Monday morning of February.
  • Philippine Visual Arts Fest – The talents of various visual artists throughout the Philippines are highlighted in this event.


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