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Read Pinoy! 12th Philippine Book Development Month

The Philippine Book Development Month (PBDM) is annual celebration of readership, book publishing industry development, and literacy. This event, spearheaded by National Book Development Board (NBDB), showcases the importance of books, book publishing, and book reading to the country's development and well-being.

PBDM holds several book-related activities and contests to help with its readership advocacy. Through PBDM, NBDB was able to conduct activities such as manuscript fairs, contests on book illustration and photography, storytelling sessions, and literacy tours.

In 2008, the celebration was moved by President Gloria Arroyo from June to November through Proclamation 1436. Hence, the present date of PBDM coincides with the 1936 Proclamation of President Manuel L. Quezon.


Schedule of Activities

Lectures at the Filipinas Heritage Library

  • November 7 - The Importance of R&D in Textbook Publishing
  • November 8 - The Long Reading of the Noli Me Tangere

An evening reading aloud the Noli by different personalities and artist groups, with a Rizal lecture by National Artist Virgilio Almario

  • November 9 - Lost in Translation

Translation as a form of art, and its importance in a country with over 180 languages

  • November 12 - Writers’ Rights

An in-depth discussion of copyright as it affects authors

  • November 14 - Knowing your market, selling to the right market
  • November 18-27- How to Read Lectures

Poetry in English by Gemino Abad Creative Non-Fiction in English by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo Poetry in Filipino by Vim Nadera Short Fiction and the Novel in English (will announce as soon as speaker agrees)

Book Fairs at the Ayala Malls

  • November 10-14 - Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
  • November 28-30 - Ayala Center, Cebu

Contest Grand Finals

  • November 11- Storytelling contest (for teachers) at the Trinoma Mall

Book Marathon (for students) at the Trinoma Mall

  • November 29 - The Art of Folk, Ayala Mall, Cebu

Lecture in Cebu

  • November 22 - Publishing 101

Food and Writing Tour


  • November 15 - Awarding Ceremonies at the Yuchengco Museum

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