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Oscar Yatco (23 November 1931) is a Filipino conductor, professor and violinist in the Philippines. He was the conductor of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (previously known as the CCP Philharmonic Orchestra).


Early life and education

He was born in 23 November 1931 in Tanuan, Batangas, from a musically-inclined family. He became the youngest member of the Manila Symphony Orchestra at the age of 14 and graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Music at the age of 16.


He pursued his study in music in the United States and Germany. In 1956 he received first prize in an exclusive, nationwide competition in Munich, Germany and later became a regular soloist of various philharmonic orchestras in Berlin and Munich. After a couple of years, he returned to the Philippines and became the musical director of the Manila Symphony Orchestra for ten years. Due to his exemplary skill and recognizable unique talent, he was given lifetime tenure as a professor in the Academy of Music in Hanover, Germany in 1979. A year later, he was appointed as the conductor of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. He also held the position of First Concertmaster of the Wagner Festival Orchestra at Bayreuth from 1974 to 1979.

Conducted Music

  • Juan Nakpil's Pahimakas (Farewell) 1897 (Funeral March)
  • Julian Felipe's National Anthem (March Nacional Filipinas) for orchestra 1904
  • Antonio Molina's Hatinggabi
  • Jose Estela's Ang Maya 1905
  • Nicanor Abelardo's Cinderella Overture 1931
  • Francisco Buencamino, Sr.'s Piano Concerto
  • Rodolfo S. Cornejo's First Piano Concerto in D Minor 1933
  • A la Juventud Filipina 1935; Ramon Tapales' Mindanao Orchids 1935
  • Lucio San Pedro's Malakas at Maganda Overture 1938
  • Antonino Buenaventura's By the Hillside 1941
  • Francisco Santiago's Madaling Araw 1941

Personal life

Oscar Yatco happily resides in Germany with his family. He still continues to teach in the Academy of Music.




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