Oakwood Mutiny

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The Oakwood Mutineers

The Oakwood Mutiny happened in Makati, Philippines on June 27, 2003 when a group of 333 soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines sieged the Oakwood Premier Ayala Center. This was done as a form of negation towards the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and also because of her alleged corruption. These soldiers called themselves the Magdalo group and they were led by Navy Ltsg. Antonio Trillanes IV, Army Capt. Gerardo Gambala, Army Capt. Milo Maestrecampo, Navy Ltsg. James Layug and Marine Capt. Gary Alejano.



The Magdalo group staged a mutiny in the Makati area, with the belief that being the business district of the Philippines, their siege will cause disturbance and loss of confidence in the Arroyo administration and in her capability to rectify the economy of the country after their planned siege. The Magdalo group asked a number of officials from the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Secretary of the Department of National Defense and the president herself to resign from their positions.


The group planted bombs and guns on the roofdeck of the Oakwood building and together with this, they declared their sentiments and demands to the media but they did not succeed in getting the support of the public, even the armed forces and the mutiny ended only after 18 hours. They were immediately called for a court marshall. After over a year in jail, the leader of the group apologized to the president for their mutiny attempt. They were sentenced to be imprisoned for life but on November 2004, President Arroyo ordered the release of 121 soldiers who were part of the mutiny.

Antonio Trillanes IV

The spokesperson and the leader of the Magdalo group is Antonio Trillanes IV ran for the senatorial position on the 2007 elections. Although he was still in prison and could not campaign for himself, he was able to win with over 11 million votes. He was not released from prison to attend to his duties as a senator. On November 20, 2007, during the trial for his case, Trillanes walked out and marched towards the Manila Peninsula Hotel to once again ask for the president's resignation from office.




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