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WikiPilipinas honors the Filipino Blogger in 2007. From their rudimentary beginnings, Filipino blogs have evolved to become important sources of information, and are now dubbed as the “new media.” Currently, an extremely wide variety of blogs can be read and accessed online, offering everything from travel tips, restaurant guides, technology updates, and the latest news and events. Blogs are also liberating platforms for personal expression – they are one’s opinion column to the world. Through them, bloggers look out of themselves and give their readers a view of what they think and feel about issues as diverse as politics, environment, family and the state of their love lives. Blogs can also be used to further important social advocacies and to attract people to causes which appeal to their own interests and commitments.

WikiPilipinas believes that Filipino bloggers are models for WikiPinoys: wired, technologically savvy, and informed knowledge workers who—through their blogs—help raise awareness about the Philippines to an international audience and uplift the image of the Filipino worldwide.

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