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The National Printing Office is one of the agencies under the Republic of the Philippines’ government. It is the official printing press of the Philippine Government.



The National Printing Office was established in 1987 by then President Corazon Aquino by virtue of the signing of Executive Order 285. This executive order abolished the General Services Administration and merged the Government Printing Offices with the printing offices of the Philippine Information Agency to form what we now know as the National Printing Office. This office was then put under the Office of the Press Secretary. Since then it has since been the agency tasked with the printing of various government forms and documents including official ballots and public information materials.


The National Printing Office is the agency that is tasked to be the printer of the various forms and documents that is used by the government and other departments. This ensures that all the forms and documents are of standard quality. It also makes it easier to spot irregularities in falsified and counterfeit forms and documents.

The National Printing Office is responsible for the printing of the following:

  • Municipal and other government forms that are used for the day to day affairs of the state and local government units
  • Ballots and other election related paraphernalia that the Commission on Election uses
  • Official publications such as gazettes and other documents used by the Philippine Information Agency


It is the utmost objective of the National Printing Office to ensure quality and efficient services by making sure that it abreast with the current standards for printing. The agency makes sure that their equipment is up to date and is comparable to global standards.

The National Printing Office sends their employees and personnel to trainings and seminars to ensure that their skills are comparable to those in the private printing sector.


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