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The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) is a Philippine government agency tasked with the development, promotion, and preservation of Philippine culture and arts.

Its offices are located at 633 NCCA Building, General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila.



In 1987 the forerunner of the NCCA, the Presidential Commission on Culture and Arts, was established through Executive Order No. 118 by then President Corazon C. Aquino. Five years later, the NCCA was formally established through the enactment of Republic Act 7356, which was authored by Senators Edgardo Angara, Heherson Alvarez, Leticia Ramos Shahani, and Congressman Carlos Padilla.

The other main cultural agencies of the Philippine Government—the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), the Commission on the Filipino Language/Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (CFL), the National Historical Institute (NHI), the National Library (TNL), and the National Archives of the Philippines (Records Management and Archives Office, or RMAO)—were then later transferred to the management of the NCCA in 2001 through Executive Order 80 and Republic Act 9155 in 2001. The CCP and the CFL were formerly under the Office of the President, while the NHI, TNL and the RMAO were under the Department of Education (DepEd). Because of this reorganization, the NCCA was also given the task of coordinating between these cultural agencies as well as with the artists themselves.

Currently, the NCCA is headed by a 15-member Board of Commissioners, with members coming from other government agencies and offices such as DepEd, the Department of Tourism, the Senate, and the cultural agencies under the NCCA as well as representatives from the private sector. These representatives also comprise the National Advisory Board, which is divided into four subcommissions: the Subcommission on the Arts, the Subcommission on Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts, the Subcommission on Cultural Dissemination, and the Subcommission on Cultural Heritage.

These subcommissions are then further broken down into 19 committees divided by medium and genre (for the Subcommission on the Arts), geography (for the Subcommission on the Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts), and function (for the Subcommissions on Cultural Dissemination and Cultural Heritage).

Complete list of committees and subcommittees under the NCCA

  • Subcommission on the Arts
    • National Committee on Architecture and Allied Arts
    • National Committee on Cinema
    • National Committee on Dance
    • National Committee on Dramatic Arts
    • National Committee on Literary Arts
    • National Committee on Music
    • National Committee on Visual Arts
  • Subcommission on Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts
    • National Committee on Northern Cultural Communities
    • National Committee on Central Cultural Communities
    • National Committee on Southern Cultural Communities
  • Subcommission on Cultural Dissemination
    • National Committee on Cultural Education
    • National Committee on Communication
    • National Committee on Language and Translation
  • Subcommission on Cultural Heritage
    • National Committee on Archives
    • National Committee on Art Galleries
    • National Committee on Historical Research
    • National Committee on Libraries and Information Services
    • National Committee on Monuments and Sites
    • National Committee on Museums


In line with its objectives, the NCCA lends its support to numerous programs and events involving Philippine art and culture. Through its administration of the National Endowment Fund for Culture and the Arts (NEFCA), the NCCA offers grants for projects such as publications, exhibits, conferences, and workshops.

NCCA projects include the Philippine International Arts Festival every February, as well as the Institute for Culture and Arts Management, which provides management training for cultural workers especially those involved in local arts groups. The commission also has a Citizens Charter, detailing services available for the general public such as a library.

The NCCA is also a part of the selection committee of several of the country's top awards for art, including the National Artist, the National Living Treasure, and the Alab ng Haraya.




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