Narciso Claveria Zaldua

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Narciso Clavería y Zaldua became governor general of the Philippines on July 16,1844 until December 26, 1849. In 1844, he corrected the Philippine calendar, made reform in the office of the alcalde-mayor and founded a casino, the "Sociedad de Recreo" (in English: "Recreation Association"). His proposal of a military library was approved and the first steam war-vessels were bought from London. These led to the conquest of island of Balanguingui in Sulu Archipelago against the Moros. He earned the titles of count of Manila and viscount of Claveria and the cross of San Fernando. His term was known for adapting Spanish surnames among the natives on November 11, 1849. A number of papers founded within his term, among of them were La Esperanza and Diario de Manila.He personally asked for his retirement to the King, and later returned to Spain.



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