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The name Philippines was derived from King Philip II of Spain in the 16th century. Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos used the name Las Islas Filipinas (The Philippine Islands) in honour of the Prince of Asturias (Spain) during his expedition to the Philippines, originally referring to the islands of Leyte and Samar.<ref>Ateneo de Manila University Press (1994), Barangay: Sixteenth-century Philippine Culture and Society, at 6 ISBN 9715501354, ISBN 9789715501354.</ref> The name itself is Greek, and can be traced to the name of the father of Alexander the Great, Philipp II of Macedon, Template:Lang-el — φίλος philos (meaning beloved, loving); ίππος hippos (meaning horse).<ref>Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved on 2009-01-02.</ref> Despite the presence of other names, the name Filipinas (Philippines) was eventually adopted as the name of the entire archipelago.

The official name of the Philippines, however, changed throughout the course of Philippine history. During the Philippine Revolution, the Philippines was officially called República Filipina or Philippine Republic. From the period of the Spanish-American War and the Philippine-American War, until the Commonwealth period, United States colonial authorities referred to the Philippines as the Philippine Islands, a translation of the original Spanish name. It was during in the American period that the name Philippines began to appear, a name that was adopted as its current official name.<ref name=CIAfactbook>World Factbook — Philippines, CIA. Retrieved on 2009-03-12</ref>

Name in other languages

Though the name Philippines is the official name that is used by the country's government for international and domestic businesses, numerous major languages of the world still uses their own translation or transliteration of the name Philippines to refer to it.

Language Name
Albanian Filipinet
Arabic الفلبين
Transliteration: Āl-filibiyīn
Bulgarian Филипини
Transliteration: Filipini
Catalan Filipines
Chinese 菲律宾
Pinyin Transliteration: Fēilǜbīn
Croatian Filipini
Czech Filipíny
Danish Filippinerne
Dutch Filipijnen
English Philippines
Estonian Filipiinid
Filipino Pilipinas
Finnish Filippiinit
French Les îles Philippines
German Philippinen
Greek Φιλιππίνες
Transliteration: Philippines
Transliteration: Philippinai
Hebrew פיליפינים
Transliteration: Filipinim
Hindi फिलीपिंस
Hungarian Fülöp-szigetek
Indonesian Negeri Pilipina
Italian Filippine
Japanese フィリピン
Transliteration: Fuiripin
Korean 필리핀
Translation: Pillipin
Latvian Filipīnas
Lithuanian Filipinai
Norwegian Filippinene
Polish Filipiny
Portuguese as ilhas Filipinas
Romanian Filipine
Russian Филиппины
Transliteration: Filipinɨ
Spanish las islas Filipinas
Swedish Filippinerna
Thai ฟิลิปปินส์
Turkish Filipinler
Ukrainian Філіпіни
Transliteration: Filipiniy
Vietnamese Philippin
nước Phi luật tân


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