Malacañang Press Corps

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Malacañang Press Corps is an informal group of newsmen covering the seat of the presidency in the Philippines, Malacañang the official residence of the President of the country. reporters representing different media organizations like radio, television and newspapers are represented in this group and members are previously accredited by the Press Secretary to cover the President and all his activities involving the discharge of his official functions. Some media practitioners are against the formation of such group which they claim to be predisposed to manipulation by the very subject that they cover. Nevertheless, putting up a press corps has been practiced since the time of the first President of the Philippine Commonwealth, Manuel L. Quezon.

During the time of President Ferdinand E. Marcos the press corps has gained a bad reputation of being "too friendly" to the Chief Executive and dismally failed in serving as an honest "eyes and ears" for the citizens to curtail possible excesses and abuses of the dictatorial regime. The Malacañang Press Corps is headed by a president, vice president and the others serve as directors to have a semblance of formality. When President Corazon Aquino assumed office in 1986 after Marcos was ousted from power, the press corps was taken over by young, dynamic and idealistic reporters who shun the idea of having such a group because they wanted to be on their own, outs-scooping one another.