Magalat Revolt

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The Magalat Revolt happened in the Philippines in 1596. It was a rebellion against the Spanish and was led by Magalat a Filipino rebel from Cagayan. He was arrested in Manila for initiating rebellion against the Spanish but was released because of the pressing demand of some Dominican priests. He then returned to Cagayan and together with his brother, he provoked the whole country to rebel against the Spanish. He was believed to have committed crimes upon his fellow natives for refusing to defend them against the Spaniards. He soon gained control over the countryside and the Spanish eventually laid siege to Malagat and his fellows.

The Spanish Governor-General Francisco de Tello de Guzman sent Spanish and Filipino to fight against the rebels and succeeded. They captured and murdered several leaders under Magalat. Magalat was also assassinated by his own men in his headquarters because of a promise of reward from the Spaniards.


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