Linguistic Society of the Philippines

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Linguistic Society of the Philippines
LSP logo.jpg
Established SY 1969-1970
Address LSP Secretariat, De La Salle University, 2401 Taft Avenue, Manila 1004
Tel. No. (632) 524-4611

The Linguistic Society of the Philippines (LSP) is an organization which strives for the advancement of the scientific study of languages in the Philippines. It was formally organized in school year 1969-1970, with Teodoro Liamzon (Ateneo de Manila University) as President, Bonifacio Sibayan (Philippine Normal College) as Vice-President, Edilberto Dagot (PNC) as Secretary, and Fe Otanes (PNC) as Treasurer.

The organization was the brainchild of Dr. Bonifacio Sibayan of the PNC and Dr. Ernesto Constantino of the University of the Philippines, two linguists who were working on their respective research projects in the Pacific and Asian Languages Institute of the University of Hawaii in 1968. Far away from home and very conscious of the linguistic work going on in the US, they had several discussions on the need for an organization of linguists that would do research and write on Philippine languages.



Membership is open to all individuals who works for the advancement of linguistics and language education as a science and as profession, or those interested in the progress of such.

Membership categories are as follows: honorary, student, institutional, regular, and lifetime.

  • Any scholar of distinction in linguistics and language education may be elected an honorary member of the Society upon recommendation of the Board of Directors.
  • Any undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in the regular academic year as a candidate for a degree in a recognized college or university may become a member upon payment of dues.
  • Any institution may become a member upon payment of dues.
  • Any individual may become a regular or lifetime member upon payment of dues.


  • To serve in committees upon invitation of the Board of Directors;
  • To participate in annual general meetings, special meetings, monthly lectures and annual conferences;
  • To pay membership fees regularly, which is on or before January 31 of each year; and,
  • To engage in professional activities to forward the purposes of the Society.


  • To present papers at annual conferences of the Society upon approval of the program committee;
  • To regularly receive a copy of the Philippine Journal of Linguistics (PJL);
  • To elect (except institutional members) and be elected;
  • To regularly receive information about professorial chair lectures, special events, seminars, and other activities of the Society; and
  • To receive discounts on conference registration fees and other publications of the Society.

Board of Directors and Officers

  • Danilo T. Dayag, President (De La Salle University - Manila)
  • Marilu Rañosa Madrunio, Vice President (University of Santo Tomas)
  • Sydney Gonzales Villegas, Secretary (De La Salle University - Manila)
  • Anna Maria Gloria Ward, Treasurer (University of Santo Tomas)
  • Carolina Nuñez, Public Relations Officer (Ateneo de Manila University)

Directors 2008-2010

  • Isabel Pefianco Martin (Ateneo de Manila University)
  • Sue McQuay (SIL International)
  • Ma. Antoinette C. Montealegre (Philippine Normal University)

Directors 2008-2009

  • Alice Adeva (University of the Philippines – Manila)
  • Ruth Alido (Philippine Normal University)
  • Ricardo Ma. D. Nolasco (Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino)

Official Publication

The official publication of LSP is the Philippine Journal of Linguistics. It publishes original studies in descriptive, comparative, historical, and areal linguistics. Topics on the application of theory to language teaching, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and anthropological linguistics, etc. are also included.

The Journal comes out every June and December of every year and the articles are published both in English and in Filipino.




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