Lakandula Revolt

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The Lakandula Revolt also known as the Manila Revolt or the Sulayman Revolt happened in 1574. It was a rebellion against the Spanish rule led by Rajah Lakandula and Rajah Soliman in Tondo, Manila.

In 1571, Rajah Lakandula, the native Muslim ruler of Tondo, made a pact with Miguel Lopez de Legaspi to submit his land to him and to hand over his throne which led to Manila being the capital of the Spanish colony. When a Chinese pirate named Limahong planned to conquer Manila, Lakandula helped resist the attack.

When Lopez de Legaspi died in 1572, Governor-General Guido de Lavezaris took his place but did not honor the agreements done between Lakandula and his predecessor and even tolerated Spanish abuses. The Spanish took over their lands and encomienderos oppressed Filipinos. Because of this, Lakandula together with Rajah Sulayman led a revolt against the Spanish in the villages of Navotas. The revolt did not succeed and Governor-General Lavezaris, with the help of Spanish and Filipino colonial troops, was able to stop the rebellion and restore order in Manila.




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