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La Salle Green Hills Greenies
La Salle Green Hills
La Salle Green Hills logo
La Salle Green Hills Greenies logo
League NCAA
Joined 1998
1975-1981 with DLSU-Manila
Juniors' general championships NCAA: 7 (1975-76,1977-78, 1978-79, 1979-80,1980-81) -DLSU
(2004-05, 2005-06) -CSB
Location 343 Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, Mandaluyong City
Team colors Green, White and Black
Staple cheer Animo Benilde/La Salle!
Go Benilde/La Salle!

The La Salle Green Hills Greenies (officially the CSB-LSGH Greenies, although sometimes called but incorrectly the La Salle Green Hills Baby Blazers, or the La Salle Green Hills Green Archers) is the varsity team representing La Salle Green Hills located in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines, and is the junior affiliate team of the St. Benilde Blazers in the NCAA of the Philippines.

Since LSGH being an exclusive school catering only to boys, the Greenies do not have a girls' team.



La Salle Green Hills' varsity team started as the La Salle Green Hills Rangers from the opening of the school in 1959 until it entered the NCAA as the juniors team representing De La Salle University-Manila in 1975, thus renaming them the La Salle Green Hills Greenies. The Greenies enjoyed the spotlight as the NCAA juniors team of the then De La Salle College Manila (the High School in DLSC-Taft was phased out effective 1968 and all its grade school graduates went to La Salle Green Hill High School), winning 5 general championships along the way, until both DLSU and LSGH simultaneously formally withdrew from the NCAA in a press conference on September 1980 effective after the then ongoing 1980-81 NCAA Season. [1]

The Greenies are paired alongside the Green Archers in some competitions, although they are not acknowledged as the Junior Archers.

With De La Salle University Manila

The Greenies entered the NCAA as the Junior Reps of then De La Salle College Manila in 1968. LSGH took over the slot of the phased out De La Salle College High School (Taft) which also had the same monickers-the Greenies. That initial NCAA stint of the LSGH Greenies lasted until schoolyear 1980-81 when both DLSU and LSGH formally and simultaneously withdrew from the NCAA. Within that 13-year NCAA period, the Greenies won 5 NCAA General Championships. [2] DLSU together with LSGH withdrew from the NCAA due to several brawls between LSGH and main rivals Ateneo High School, and between DLSU and main rival schools Letran and Ateneo. [3] And when DLSU applied for the UAAP, the DLSU board had the objective to choose between La Salle Green Hills and sister school De La Salle-Santiago Zobel School, and they ended up choosing DLSZ thus ending the relationship of LSGH with DLSU in collegiate athletics.

But in the annual Fil-Oil/ Flying V Homegrown Invitational which started in 2005, the LSGH Greenies were selected to be the juniors team of the De La Salle Green Archers, thus being the first time the Greenies played alongside the Green Archers since 1981.

In the spirit of ONE LA SALLE (all 18-La Salle campuses in the Philippines are under De La Salle Philippines. Inc. headed by Brother Armin Luistro FSC who is also concurently the President of De La Salle University Manila), the La Salle Green Hills Greenies is La Salle's junior reps in the NCAA while the De La Salle Zobel Junior Archers is La Salle's junior reps in the UAAP.

With CSB

When DLSU and DLSZ entered the UAAP in 1986, La Salle Green Hills was left without a membership in either the UAAP or the NCAA, thus starting a 17-year drought in a major collegiate league since its formal withdrawal from the NCAA in 1981. La Salle Green Hills however continued participating in several minor grade school and high school leagues like the PAYA, Nike, RIFA Football League, Baseball Pony League, etc.

But hope sparked as the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, a brother-college of De La Salle University Manila, applied for admission to the NCAA thru the efforts of then De La Salle University Manila President Brother Andrew Gonzalez FSC and the La Salle Green Hills President Brother Bernard Oca FSC, and selected the Greenies to be their juniors affiliate. Both the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and La Salle Green Hills were admitted to the NCAA in 1998.

Since then they have been having a good run of form, winning 2 General Championships and winning championships particularly in football, where they are current 5 peat champions as well as lawn tennis, track & field, and swimming with a number of championships. The basketball has also had a fair share of luck, but the closest they have gotten to the Championship was 3rd overall in 1999 and 2004-05.

Current roster

Correct as of August 31,2007. [4]

# Position Country Last Name First Name Status
4 Flag of the Philippines Flores Ervin
5 Flag of the Philippines Nicolas Jorge
11 Flag of the Philippines Reyes Martin Captain
13 Flag of the Philippines Dela Paz Christian
7 Flag of the Philippines Reyes Miguel
8 Flag of the Philippines Quebral Michael
15 Flag of the Philippines Bolivar Benjamin
17 Flag of the Philippines Dimaculangan Sander
6 Flag of the Philippines Yulo Marco
12 Flag of the Philippines Asuncion Elias
14 Flag of the Philippines Malimban Edwihill
10 Flag of the Philippines Reyes Marcus


Being a La Salle school, LSGH's Greenies has only one particular main rival which is the Ateneo Blue Eaglets, which they get to play against in other school sports leagues in the grade school and high school level, the main rivals as well of the De La Salle Green Archers and the De La Salle Zobel Junior Archers now in the UAAP, were one of the, if not the most intense rivalry in the NCAA Juniors in the late 1960s and the whole of the 1970s and one of the most anticipated matches in the UAAP today. Although meetings in inter-collegiate athletics between the two are rare, the two still meet in some pre-season and post-season tournaments as well as smaller leagues.

Notable LSGH Greenies


  • Mike Bilbao
  • Jay Gervasio
  • Celso Villegas
  • Tony Atayde
  • Virgil Villavicencio
  • Edward "Sonny" Dizon
  • Joel Uichico
  • Kenneth Yap
  • Gabby Liwag
  • Danna Libagbol Notatento
  • Greg Bichara
  • Joseph Uichico
  • Poch Juinio (HS '91)
  • Aljun Garcia (HS '91)
  • Chris Tan (HS '92)
  • Bena Lilitsunin Tsai-ho (HS '92)
  • Hubert de los Santos (HS '93)
  • JR Langit (HS '93)
  • Iñaki del Rosario (HS '93)
  • Dunatelo Bill A-Tsai
  • Dec del Rosario (HS '93)
  • Dante Tangco (HS '93)
  • Danilo-Hugin Tabachua (HS '93)
  • Jojo Ramirez (HS '93)
  • Marc Casal (HS '93)
  • Dahonnabulbol -the sweat diba?- Bahochua
  • Danna panhi Tubol
  • Dominic Uy (HS '94)
  • Martin Grau (HS '94)
  • Francis Zamora (HS '94)
  • Peter Fabie (HS '94)
  • Paul Artadi
  • Mika Vainio
  • Michael Gavino
  • Marko Batricevic (currently playing for the Green Archers)
  • Ferdinand (currently playing for the Green Archers)
  • Martin Reyes (current team captain of the Greenies)
  • Jorge Nicolas
  • Titus Mendoza
  • Jino Ferrer
  • Marco Yulo


  • Paolo Enriquez (captain of the 2007 LSGH NCAA Juniors' Football Champions, and member of the 2004, 2005, and 2006 Champions teams)


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