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A Kiko at Angge Komiks strip from 1922. Dennis Villegas collection CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Si Kiko at Angge is the Philippines' first regularly issued tagalog komiks strip. The strip debuted in the weekly magazine Telembang in 1922. It antedated Kenkoy by about seven years. The strip was anonymously written and illustrated. Presumably, its editor Inigo Ed Regalado wrote the script since he wrote most of the contents of the Telembang. According to art historians, the drawings are reminiscent of the line drawings of Fernando Amorsolo, who was also the chief artist of the Telembang. It is safe to say therefore that the strip was written by Regalado and illustrated by Amorsolo.

Plot of the Series

Kiko at Angge is a comic strip about a husband (Kiko) and his nagger wife (Angge). The two usually disagree about each other's opinions on politics and culture, and the strip usually ends with Kiko chased by Angge with a broom. It was a hilarious comic strip that touches on many Philippine issues of the middle years of the American rule in the Philippines.


Telembang Vol. 1 No.1, 1922- to Vol. 3 No.111 1924


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