Juan Tamad

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Juan Tamad is a character from folklore who is known for being excessively lazy. His laziness is the subject of many tales and are usually cautionary tales against the dangers of sloth.



Juan is the Filipino equivalent of the name John and is a very common name, while tamad is Filipino for “lazy”. The name is used to effect by implying that anyone can befall the circumstances that Juan Tamad gets into if one is lazy.


The Juan Tamad stories are likely taken from oral tradition, passed from generation to generation to warn children against being lazy. The stories are usually simple and short, involving just Juan Tamad's act of laziness and little else. Most of them do not even detail the consequences of his actions.


The most popular Juan Tamad stories involve him being made to do a simple chore where he chooses a method of extreme laziness. In one tale, he spies a guava on a tree branch and decides to lie underneath the fruit with his mouth open instead of reaching up and plucking it from the branch. In another tale, he is asked to bring some crabs home. Being too lazy to carry the crabs, he lets them loose to find their way to his house on their own. These tales are often extreme tot he point of hilarity, while retaining an undertone of warning against being lazy.


Several films have been produced with Juan Tamad as a main character, and yet some more featuring him as a support character.