Juan Ponce Sumuroy

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Juan Ponce Sumuroy (also spelled as Sumoroy or Sumudoy) was a Waray hero and leader of a rebellion in Eastern Visayas against the Spaniards from 1649-1650. (Other sources list his name as Juan Agustin Sumoroy rather than Juan Ponce Sumuroy). The rebellion has subsequently been named after him, hence Sumuroy Rebellion (another name for it is Sumuroy Revolt). The rebellion originally started in the towns of Palapag in present-day Northern Samar but gradually spread throughout the region. Some accounts of the rebellion claim that it even reached the Bikol region and as far south as Mindanao.

The main reason for the Sumuroy Rebellion was the Spaniards' forcible conscription of workers from Eastern Visayas and neighboring regions to work in the shipyards of Cavite. The rebellion however despite being popular throughout the region was suppressed by the Spaniards.

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