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Jairus Aquino

Jairus Reuel Aquino

Jairus Reuel B. Aquino is a Filipino child star. He appeared in various TV Commercials before he auditioned and was included in the cast of ABS-CBN's: Super Inggo Series playing the role of Jose Mariano "Jomar" Sebastian. This acclaimed TV show made him a household name earning the title "Pambansang Bestfriend Ng Pilipinas" and "Pareng Jomar" as popularized on the show. He became a co-host of ABS-CBN's Little Big Superstar and appeared in different TV guestings. Later, he joined the Kiddie singing group Mak and the Dudes and played several Roles in Television and Movies such as "Young Mythos" in Rounin, "Eskappar" in Lastikman, "Arkin" on IMUS Productions': Resiklo, and his title role as "Lembot" in one of ABS-CBN's Kiddie Series Kung Fu Kids.


Television Appearances

He started his career as a commercial model at the early age of four, he appeared in several TV advertisements, Billboards, Products and magazines. But later stopped due to his age as decided by his parents. He made a comeback in the line of Commercial Modeling when he reached age seven. One of his popular commercial Tagline was "Sabi ni Daddy Mamaya nalang daw" in DOLFENAL. At present, he is active in the industry as a Commercial Model/Endorser, Host, Entertainer and Actor.

Super Inggo Series as Jomar (2006-2008)

File:Superinggo Jairus.jpg
Jairus Aquino as Jomar in Super Inggo

In 2006, his parents were asked by their friends to audition him on ABS-CBN's Upcoming Kiddie Series Super Inggo a Story about a 10 year old boy who dreamed to become a superhero, which is topbilled by Makisig Morales. He was included in the cast to play the Role of "Jose Mariano "Jomar" Sebastian" - who grew up as a street smart witty kid raised by his "Kuya Paloy". his known mother left for Hong Kong but never showed up for a long time but he never lost hope in seeing her again. He also dreams to be a full pledged superhero like his Bestfriend and Sidekick Budong. At the later part of the story, its was revealed and discovered that he is the son of "Prince of Darkness" the main Villain in the story which proved him to be the key in the completion of the Evil Trinity with Budong as his Biological Half-Brother to "Bugan". One of his best Memorable Scenes on the show was the Hospital Scene when his Adoptive Brother Paloy was shot.

The show gave him the popularity of earning the Title "Pareng Jomar" which was one of the well-loved Characters which symbolizes a Loyal Brother, Son and a Friend. His acting skills mesmerized TV Viewers which led to the Establishment of his Fanbase JAIRUS ALLIANCE and opened the gates of opportunity on Television and Movies during his Early Acting Career.

Lovespell Presents: Pasko na Santa ko as Boni (2006)

He also played the role of "Boni" in Lovespell, a little good boy whose wishes have been granted. The show plot is Crisanta (Ai-Ai), a modern day scrooge, and Donato’s (Vhong) bitter lady boss. Hard working Donato is not the lone victim of Crisanta’s bad attitude though, the other employees in the toy store quake in fear at the sight of her. Her daughters, Abby (Kim) and Maria (Olyn), get treated the same. The two can’t stand her manipulating ways. So Donato’s brothers Ryan (Gerald) and Paolo (Matt) connived to take revenge on Crisanta by courting her daughters and breaking their hearts. But the youngest, Boni (Jairus Aquino), wishes that his Kuya’s boss turn into a better person. Santa hears the good little boy’s wish and grants it, inspiring a chain of hilarious and surprise-filled events

Rounin as Young Mythos (2007)

File:Jairus rounin.JPG
Jairus Aquino as Mythos in Rounin

After the first season of hit TV Series Super Inggo, he was offered to play the role of "Young Mythos" on Rounin, an ABS-CBN Philippine drama dubbed as tele-epiko<ref name="Journal-Rounin-April">"Rounin: An Epic on TV" "Journal", Last Retrieved March 24, 2007.</ref> or TV epic. It is a fantasy and martial arts series shown in Philippine TV and is said to be one of the most expensive locally-produced TV series aired in the Philippines. He Trained Kick Boxing for two weeks in preparation for his role.

Little Big Superstar Co-Host (2007)

Gaining the Popularity as "Jomar" on the Hit TV Series "Super Inggo Series". He was offered to be a co-host in Little Big Superstar, a Singing, dancing and acting contest together with Sarah Geronimo and Makisig Morales which was aired every Saturdays. He was also included in the cast of "Lucky Me Instant Pancit Noodles" Commercial with the Little Big Star Finalists and Joined Series of Tours and events as an Entertainer during the Promotion of the "Little Big Superstar" Album.

He was also included in the youngest boyband in the Philippines called "Mak and the Dudes". Their debut album was released on 2007 courtesy of Star Records, entitled Oldies But Kiddies together with Little Big Star Finalists Makisig Morales, Rhap Salazar and Kyle Balili

Ysabella as Young Andrew and Albert (2007)

He also played the role of Twins, Young Andrew and Albert Amarillo in Ysabella which was starred by Ms. Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo.

RESIKLO as Arkin (2007)

File:Resiklo jai.jpg
Jairus Aquino plays the role of Arkin in Resiklo

He was also included in the cast of IMUS Production and Ignite Media's: Resiklo, a sci-fi film where he plays the role of "Arkin", a young brave, smart Kid Soldier. The movie was an Official Entry to Metro Manila Film Festival 2007 which ranked four in the Top Grosser of the said Filmfest. This was his first Movie.

Lastikman as Eskappar (2007)

After playing the roles of Boni, Jomar, and Mythos. He was once again given an opportunity to portray the role of "Eskappar/Young Lastikman" The main character in the story, in ABS-CBN's Fantaserye Lastikman who traces his roots to the planet Harraio, who was Shunned due to his inter-planetary blood, eventually fled to Earth, as his father thought that this is the only way to save him from death for being born as a half-human. A kind human named Caloy (Jason Gainza) adopts him, and names him Miguel. While on Earth, He met his bestfriend "Chikoy" and his First Crush "Yellena" whom he saved from drowning. Later he discovered his power of Elasticity until he grew up to become "Lastikman". Jairus appeared on the show for 2 weeks.

Kung Fu Kids as Lembot (2008)

This was his First Lead role after portraying the Role of "Jomar" in ABS-CBN's: Super Inggo. Kung Fu Kids was the first locally produced Live-action anime which tell the story of seven kids of different personalities led by the weakest and least confindent boy, "Lembot" - a sickly young boy who is derided by his own father for being a weakling. Lembot learns kung fu to defend his younger sister and himself from bullies, and to measure up to his father’s expectations.

Kung Fu Kids is one of the most awaited upcoming show of "ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida" to be aired this January 28, 2008. Directed by Malu Sevilla and Richard Arellano. It is the first TV series to use "Motion Capture Animation Effects" in the History of Philippine Television.


Year of release Track listing
Little Big Superstar

(Makisig with Sarah Geronimo, Lucky Me Kids and LBS Kids)


"Lucky Lucky Me"

Oldies But Kiddies

(Mak and the Dudes)


"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"
"Oh! Carol"
"Stand By Me"
"Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo"
"Araw 'natin Toh!"

Jump Around

(Makisig Morales, Jairus Aquino, Nash Aguas, Sharlene San Pedro, Aaron, & Basty)


"Jump Around"
"Moose Dance"
"Rain Rain Go Away"
"+ minus1"


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