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Jack ‘n Jill is one of the most famous brands under the Universal Robina Corp. which was founded by John Gokongwei in 1954. This brand pioneered the creation of salty snacks industry with a list of famous snack products under its name. Through the course of time, Jack ‘n Jill has expanded its range of products to cover not only chips, but also candies, biscuits, baked products, and even chocolates. [1]

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The name "Jack 'n Jill" sprouted from a brainstorming done by it's owner, John Gokongwei. He was thinking back then of a brand name that kids would easily remember and something that most people were already familiar with. Incidentally, the name "Jack 'n Jill" came in perfectly and met all the requirements that John Gokongwei was looking for. It came from a famous nursery rhyme and it was a name that kids would easily recognize. [2]

Other products from Universal Robina Corp. with the same name origins are Chippy and Pretzel which are also famous nursery rhyme characters.

List of Products


• Taquitos

• Mr. Chips

• Tostillas

• Roller Coaster


• Spuds

• Potato Chips

• V-Cut

• Chiz Curls

• Sea Crunch

Nova chips

With a wide range of products like this, Jack ‘n Jill hopes to capture an equally wide range of consumers to patronize their chips. Different flavours were used for the salty snacks to suit particular tastes, preferences and lifestyles of their consumers. [3]


With more and more Filipinos supporting their product, Jack 'n Jill has decided to make more snacks available to the public other than their chips. Even as early as 1970's, Jack 'n Jill introduced a new line of products for the younger consumers that they have. This kiddie treat is called Jack 'n Jill Pretzels and is available in three flavours: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.


Other similar snacks like this include Jack 'n Jill Choco Knots, Berry Knots and Milky Knots. These will surely give a new twist to the snack times of children and adult alike. [4]

List of Additional Products

Apart from this, Jack 'n Jill continues to surprise the market with its unending list of product lines. From being a mere corn chips producer, Jack 'n Jill has now more products which reflect the innovative aspect of the company. Right now, we can still feel the presence of Jack 'n Jill even in the equally competitive business of candies, chocolates, biscuits and baked goods. [5]

• Maxx

• Dynamite

• XO

• Star Fruits

• Wiggles

• Magic Flakes

• Magic Pleasures

• Presto Creams

• Cream-O

• Dewberry

• Nips Rainbow Bites

• Hello!

• Cloud 9

• Big Bang

• Nips

• Quake


With the way Jack 'n Jill has captured the market and taste of the Filipino people, we can expect this brand to stay in the business for as long as they want.

Their products are available in all leading department stores, groceries, vending machines, and sari-sari stores nationwide.