Invasion of Lingayen Gulf

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Invasion of Lingayen Gulf
Part of World War II, Pacific War
File:USS Pennsylvania moving into Lingayen Gulf.jpg

U.S. naval force approaches the shores of Lingayen
Date January 9 1945
Location Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, Philippines
Result Decisive Allied victory
United States; Australia Empire of Japan
Jesse B. Oldendorf; Walter Krueger
 ? ships; 68,000 soldiers unknown
Casualties and losses
none none

The Invasion of Lingayen Gulf was an Allied amphibious operation in the Philippines during World War II. In the early morning of January 9, 1945, an Allied force commanded by Admiral Jesse B. Oldendorf began approaching the shores of Lingayen. U.S. Navy and Royal Australian Navy warships began bombarding suspected Japanese positions along the coast of Lingayen from their position in Lingayen Gulf. At 9:30 AM about 68,000 men under General Walter Krueger of the U.S. Sixth Army landed at the coast of Lingayen Gulf meeting no opposition. Within a few days, the assault forces had quickly captured the coastal towns and secured the 20 mile long beach, including the town of San Fabian.

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