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In The Name of the Mother: 100 years of Philippine feminist poetry, 1889-1989 is written by Lilia Quindoza Santiago a professor of Filipino and Philippine literature. This book thus attempts to define the interconnection between poetry making, woman and society, and understand how the dynamics of this interconnection affects the processes of social transformation. It was published in University of the Philippines Press on 2002.

About the Book

Discussion of feminist poetry in this book begins in the year 1889. This was the year when the women of Malolos won in their struggle to establish an academy for the education of women. It was also in 1889 that the poems of Iloco feminist poet Leona Florentino were published and became known to the public. Florentino's poems were included in the anthology of Mme. Andzia Wolska, the Bibliotheque Internationale des Ouvres de Femmes and was exhibited at the "Exposition Internationale" in Paris. These two events - the petition in writing by the women of Malolos to establish an academy for women, and the publication of Florentino's poems - are historically significant in that they mark the capacity of women to have an impact in the development of literature and society, individually and collectively.

The whole book is organized around two important areas: the women's movement and feminist poetry.


Santiago, Lilia Quindoza. In The Name of the Mother: 100 years of Philippine feminist poetry, 1889-1989. Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press, 2002.



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