Girl Scouts of the Philippines

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Girl Scouts of the Philippines
Girl Scouts of the Philippines logo.png
Organizational data
Country Flag of the Philippines Philippines
Founded 1940-05-26
Founder Pilar Hidalgo-Lim and Josefa Llanes Escoda
Membership 671,267
Chief Girl Scout Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
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Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) is part of a worldwide movement that provides girls and young women, aged 4 to 21 years, with a non-formal progressive educational program based on spiritual values and the ideal of service. It was founded in the Philippines through the initiative of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, chartered on May 26, 1940 under Commonwealth Act No. 542 during the administration of President Manuel L. Quezon.



Josefa Llanes Escoda.

The organization was conceived by then president of the NFWC Pilar-Hidalgo Lim, and her secretary Josefa Llanes Escoda. They talked with Major Joseph Stewart, Jorge Vargas, and General Vicente Lim, then president of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, about setting up the organization, for there had been some local chapters of the United States Girl Scouts in Tacloban, Leyte, and Zamboanga.

Mrs. Escoda was sent to the United States for training and even recruited Maria Aurora Quezon (daughter of Manuel L. Quezon), Lily Padilla de las Alas, Lourdes Ledesma, and Erlinda Kalaw-Illusorio, upon her return as the first girl scouts.

In 1946, the GSP was accepted as a tenderfoot member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) during the 11th World Conference held at Evian, France. In 1948, the GSP became a full member of WAGGGS during the 12th World Conference held at Cooperstown, New York.


The Filipino girl and young woman who is progressive, dynamic, proactive, patriotic and God-loving.


To help girls and young women realize the ideals of womanhood and prepare themselves for their responsibilities in the home, the nation and the world community.

Eight-Point Challenge

Head: Ma. Dolores T. Santiago
Address: 901 Padre Faura Street, 1000 Manila, Philippines
Tel. No.: (632) 523-8331 to 32
Fax No.: (632) 524-5144

GSP pursues its missions under the Eight-Point Challenge Program, contributing to building a strong nation through youth development.

The program involves meaningful, responsive, relevant, contemporary and time-tested activities that would adequately prepare the Filipino girl of today for the challenges of life. It revolves around the following concerns:

  1. The Challenge of Spirituality and Well-Being
  2. The Challenge of Family Life
  3. The Challenge of Economic Self-Sufficiency
  4. The Challenge of Preparedness
  5. The Challenge of Our Heritage and Citizenship
  6. The Challenge of the Arts
  7. The Challenge of the World Community

The Girl Scout Promise

The Girl Scout Law

Girls Scouts Law
Ang Girl Scout ay mapagkakatiwalaan.
(A Girl Scout’s honor is to be trusted.)
Ang Girl Scout ay matapat.
(A Girl Scout is loyal.)
Ang Girl Scout ay matalungin.
(A Girl Scout is helpful.)
Ang Girl Scout ay kaibigan ng lahat at kapatid ng bawa't Girl Scout.
(A Girl Scout is a friend to all and a sister to every other Girl Scout.)
Ang Girl Scout ay mapitagan.
(A Girl Scout is courteous.)
Ang Girl Scout ay magalang sa lahat na may buhay.
(A Girl Scout respects living things.)
Ang Girl Scout ay disiplinado.
(A Girl Scout is disciplined.)
Ang Girl Scout ay may sariling paninindigan.
(A Girl Scout is self-reliant.)
Ang Girl Scout ay matipid.
(A Girl Scout is thrifty.)
Ang Girl Scout ay malinis sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa.
(A Girl Scout is clean in thought, word and deed.)


The association is divided in five sections according to age:

  • Twinkler Scout - ages 4 to 6
  • Star Scout - ages 6 to 9
  • Junior Girl Scout - ages 9 to 12
  • Senior Girl Scout - ages 12 to 15
  • Cadet Girl Scout - ages 15 to 21


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