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Fuji Television
Fuji TV logo.
Tokyo, Japan
Slogan HAVE YOUR MEASURE, because kikkake is Fuji TV. (HAVE YOUR MEASURE きっかけは、フジテレビ。)
Channels Analog: JOCX-TV, Ch 8
Digital: JOCX-DTV, Ch 21 (ID: 8)
Owner Fuji News Network
Founded 1951
Website http://www.fujitv.co.jp/

Template:Nihongo Template:Tyo is a Japanese television network based in Odaiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. It is known as Template:Nihongo or CX. It is the flagship TV station of Fuji News Network (FNN) and Template:Nihongo or FNS. It also has a relationship with Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.



The Fuji TV headquarters in Odaiba is known for its eccentric architecture.

The headquarters is located at 2-4-8, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan(See picture to left). The Kansai office is found at Aqua Dojima East, Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan. The Nagoya office is found at Telepia, Higashi-sakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Japan.

History of Fuji TV

On November 18, 1951, Fuji Television was founded. On March 1, 1959, Fuji TV started TV broadcasting, and made a network with Tokai TV, Kansai TV and Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting in June. In October, 1966, a news network of exchanging news with local stations with the name of FNN (Fuji News Network) was formed. On April 1, 1986, the logo mark was changed (Channel 8 → Medama). On March 10, 1997, the headquarters moved from Kawadacho, Shinjuku-ku to Odaiba, Minato-ku.

Advertising slogan

TV Broadcasting


JOCX-TV - Fuji Television Analog (フジテレビジョン・アナログ)

Tokyo bottom
  • hachioji - Channel 31
  • Tama - Channel 57
Islands in Tokyo
  • Chichijima - Channel 57
  • Hahajima - Channel 58
Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Mito - Channel 38
  • Hitachi - Channel 58
Tochigi Prefecture
  • Utsunomiya - Channel 57
Gunma Prefecture
  • Maebashi - Channel 58
Saitama Prefecture
  • Chichibu - Channel 29
Chiba Prefecture
  • Narita - Channel 57
  • Tateyama - Channel 58
Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Yokohama-minato - Channel 58
  • Yokosuka-Kurihama - Channel 37
  • Hiratsuka - Channel 39
Okinawa Prefecture
  • Kita-Daito - Channel 46
  • Minami-Daito - Channel 58
USA(Leased Access)


JOCX-DTV - Fuji Digital Television (フジデジタルテレビジョン)

  • Remote controller ID 8
  • Tokyo Tower - Channel 21
  • Mito - Channel 19
  • Utsunomiya - Channel 35
  • Maebashi - Channel 42
  • Hiratsuka - Channel 21




This channel broadcasts or has broadcasted the Japanese versions (i.e. the original productions in nearly all of the programs mentioned below) of the animated series:




News and Information

  • Mezamashi TV (めざましテレビ, 1994.4 - Present) - Morning news program.
  • Tokudene! (情報プレゼンター とくダネ!, 1999.4 - Present) - Morning news program.
  • FNN Speak (FNNスピーク, 1987.10 - Present) - Afternoon news program.
  • FNN Supernews (FNNスーパーニュース, 1998.4 - Present) - Evening news program.
    • FNN Super Time(FNNスーパータイム, 1984.10 - 1997.3) - Evening news program.
  • News Japan (ニュースJAPAN, 1994.4 - Present) - Night news program.
    • FNN DATE LINE(FNNデイトライン, 1987.10 - 1990.3) - Night news program.
  • Sta Men (週刊人物ライブ スタ☆メン , 2005.10 - Present) - Night infotainment program, produced by Fuji TV and Kansai TV.
  • Kids News - Weekly children's news program


Variety show

Reality Television

  • Ainori (あいのり, October 11, 1999 - present) - Dating program that takes place on a pink van traveling the world.

In Popular Culture

  • The Fuji TV building was featured in Digimon Adventure (all five series of Digimon were broadcast through Fuji TV). Myotismon uses the station as the source of his power to create a fog bank that cuts Odaiba off from the rest of the world. In a major battle on the roof of the building, Wizardmon is killed, which ultimately brought to Myotismon's own demise. In Digimon Adventure 02, the television station is haunted by Wizardmon's ghost. Hiroaki Ishida, the father of main characters Yamato Ishida and Takeru Takaishi, actually works in the station itself. The station is destroyed after the battle.

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