Freddie Aguilar

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Freddie Aguilar
Background information
Birth name Ferdinand Pascual Aguilar
Born February 5, 1953 (age 54)
Origin Isabela, Philippines
Genre(s) Folk
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Years active 1965 – present
Label(s) ?Unknown?
Watawat Band

Ferdinand Pascual Aguilar, better known as Freddie Aguilar, is a folk musician from the Philippines. He is best known for the hit "Bayan Ko", which became the anthem for the opposition to the Marcos regime during the 1986 People Power Revolution.<ref>Priestess, Wife, Revolutionary: A new film documents the role of women in Philippine history</ref> He is heavily associated with Pinoy rock.<ref>Dorian, Frederick; Simon Broughton, Mark Ellingham, James McConnachie, Richard Trillo, Orla Duane (2000). World Music: The Rough Guide. Rough Guides, 216. ISBN 1858286360. Retrieved on 2009-07-06. </ref>

He is well known internationally, and within the Philippines and Asia-Pacific region, claiming fame as one of the best musician-songwriters of the Philippines.


International Acclaim

One of his hits "Anak" (Filipino word for child), became a worldwide hit and was released in 56 countries and in more than 26 different foreign languages, it has sold over 30 million copies. Because of this, it has given Freddie Aguilar the distinction of being the only Asian artist to achieve worldwide fame. [2] It was also a finalist for the inaugural 1977 Metropop Song Festival held in Manila.

His Life

Freddie studied Electrical Engineering at De Guzman Institute of Technology but did not finish the course. In 1973, he married Josephine Quiepo and One of their children, Maegan Aguilar, also became a singer. [2]

Freddie Aguilar left family and school unfinished at the age of 18. His father, who had wanted him to be a lawyer, was disappointed. Freddie travelled to far-away places carrying with him, solely, his guitar. With no one to guide and discipline him, he got into gambling. Realizing and regretting his mistakes five years later, Freddie composed "Anak", a remorse song expressing apology to his parents. He went back home and asked for forgiveness from his parents who welcomed him with open arms. After his father read the lyrics of Anak, the two became closer to each other. The homecoming proved timely as soon after, his father would pass away. [2]

Present Day

Freddie still lives in the Philippines, and continues to perform. He currently has moved to his own place dubbed "Ka Freddies". Freddie still has a strong following in the Philippines and among many Filipinos living overseas.

On January 18, 2008, Freddie Aguilar received the Asia Star Award from the Korea Asia Model Award Festival.<ref>GMA NEWS.TV, Iza Calzado bags Asian model award in Korea</ref>

"Monkey" Controversy

Freddie Aguilar was thrust again into the limelight when he indirectly called Charice and Arnel Pineda, two of the most internationally recognized Filipino stars, "monkeys" for singing "foreign" songs. Aguilar said:

“E, pinatotohanan lang ang sinabi ni Mariah Carey na tayong mga Filipino ay mga unggoy. Kasi, wala tayong sarili, gaya-gaya lang tayo. Nasa Amerika ka na, binigyan ka na ng pagkakataon na kumanta sa Oprah, bakit kumanta ka pa ng kanta ni Celine Dion? Sinabi ni Mariah na mga unggoy ang Filipino, gaya-gaya lang kayo, e, di napatunayan nga, totoo nga. “Kasi, di ba, what monkeys see, monkeys do. Dapat ang kinanta niya, bakit hindi ‘Dahil Sa Iyo’ o kaya ay kahit ano, basta kantang Filipino? O kaya Visayan, Ilocano… lalo siyang sisikat sa buong mundo nun,”

It was rumored but never confirmed that Mariah Carey called Regine Velasquez a "brown monkey."

Famous Songs

One of Freddie famous songs Anak (translated as "Child") has become a resonating song within the Filipino culture, due to its familiar message. The song was released in different countries and in more than 26 different foreign languages. "Anak" won gold, platinum and double platinum record awards in 1978. <ref name="global">Cultural Heritage - Home</ref> The song was also a finalist for the inaugural 1977 Metropop Song Festival held in Manila.


Year Title Record Label
1967 Ngayon Unknown
1974 Kasaysayan Ni Ka Freddie Aguilar Unknown
19?? The Best of Freddie Aguilar Live! (with the Watawat Band) Unknown
1994 Anak (Special Collector's Edition)# Unknown
2003 Juan Dela Cruz Aguilar Music


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