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Eugenio Perez (November 13, 1896 – August 4, 1957) was a Filipino politician affiliated with the Liberal Party and who was selected as the Speaker for the House of Representatives between 1946 and 1953, succeeding Jose Zulueta and preceding Jose Laurel Jr. he was a representative for the second district of Pangasinan.


Early life and education

Perez was born in San Carlos, Pangasinan. He studied for an undergraduate diploma in the University of the Philippines where he received his Bachelor of Arts, and later applied for the College of Law in UP. He was noted as a hard worker even early into his life, and started civil service with clerical work in the Executive Bureau and Bureau of Agriculture while still studying. Perez married Consuelo Salazar, a soprano, with whom he had three children. His first daughter, Victoria, was Jose de Venecia’s first wife. He is the grandfather of Joey de Venecia, who was one of the main players in the NBN Controversy.

Political career

Perez was remembered as a dedicated co-founder for the Liberal Party in the Philippines for which he served as the House Speaker while in the Bicameral Commonwealth Government. He was also selected as the first speaker when the Philippines gained independence from the United States of America. His entry into politics was through his work as the municipal councilor in San Carlos which eventually allowed him to run for a slot as a representative of the Second District of Pangasinan. He managed to enter Philippine Legislature, and eventually helped to establish the Liberal Party.

Major works

Some of the legislatures which Perez helped to pass were the Parity Rights Amendment to the Constitution and the Bell Trade Act. These laws gave Americans equal rights and access to Filipino resources such as forest, minerals, and other raw materials. He supported President Quirino, and managed Quirino’s failed re-election campaign.



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