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Ensaymada or ensaimada is a sweet bun that originated from Majorca (Mallorca), Spain. The name comes from the word saim, the name of the high quality lard originally used in making the roll. It is believed to have come to the Spaniards from the Moors, since its coiled shape looks like a Moorish turban.

The Philippine version has evolved to have many different versions and toppings. Butter rather than lard is often used as a shortening. Cheese, from queso de bola to cheddar is the favored topping. Sugar may also be sprinkled on top. There are now macapuno- and ube-flavored ensaymada as well. Ensaymada may also be made with a ham filling.

Ensaymada is usually eaten for breakfast or merienda, with a tsokolate beverage.


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