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Genre Telefantasya: action, adventure, drama, fantasy, romance
Created by Suzette Doctolero
Starring For the complete list, see the Encantadia Cast and Characters
Country of origin Flag of the Philippines Philippines
No. of episodes Book 1: 160 episodes
Over All (Book 1,2 & 3): 258 episodes
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original channel GMA Network
Original run May 2, 2005December 9, 2005
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Encantadia is a Filipino fantasy television series (locally known as telefantasya) produced by GMA Network. It was dubbed as the grandest, most ambitious, and most expensive production for Philippine television. The series garnered both popular and critical recognition at home and abroad, including winning the 2005 Teleserye (Television Series) of the Year at the Los Angeles-based Gawad Amerika Awards. The pilot episode was aired on May 2, 2005. Its last episode was aired on December 9 of the same year to give way to its second book, Etheria. This series aired its pilot episode on December 12, and its last episode on February 18, 2006. The third and latest installment of the Encantadia saga, entitled Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas, aired its pilot on February 20, 2006.

Encantadia can be considered a spin-off of Mulawin, another successful GMA telefantasya wherein the Diwatas of Lireo first appeared as allies of the Mulawins. However, it seems that the timelines between the two shows do not connect together even though they share some characters and some story elements. The writer mentioned that Encantadia has its own story and is not related to the storyline of the Mulawin TV series.

Encantadia was first mentioned in Mulawin as a separate dimension where the encantados (enchanted beings) and diwatas live. In Mulawin, only few Encantadians were introduced and the whole world of Encantadia was not yet known but in this television series, the world of the Encantadia was expanded into four kingdoms and several new creatures and characters were introduced. Also, in Mulawin, it appears that only Diwatas can create a portal between Encantadia and the human world but in this series the Tree of Asnamon serves as a portal between the two worlds to anyone who holds the magical medallion.


Plot summary

Main articles: Encantadia plot summary (part one) and Encantadia plot summary (part two)

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Encantadia is a term coined from the Filipino word encantada or encantado (which was in turn derived from the Spanish term) which means enchanted beings endowed with supernatural powers.

In the show, Encantadia is a vast enchanted realm comprising of four divided kingdoms where different mythical entities thrive. These four kingdoms bear the four precious stones that holds the land's balance. The kingdom of Adamya, Sapiro, Lireo, and Hathoria. The tranquility and future of Encantadia rests on the four gemstones of water, earth, air and fire; each being carefully kept by the bearers from each kingdom.

But when the Hathors, from the kingdom of Hathoria threatened to accumulate all the gems from the other bearers, hostility and war swept over the realm. It is a battle of three kingdoms against one.

The story unfolds in Lireo, the kingdom where Ynang Reyna Mine-a lives with her daughters Amihan, Alena, Danaya, and Pirena. The four Sangg'res are tasked to be the new keepers of the gemstones. Their skills in war and their powers as the royalty of the diwatas are believed to be the strength of Lireo. As long as the gemstones are kept properly, the balance of nature in Encantadia remains. But this story tells viewers that powers can also break precious relationships as Pirena had plotted the downfall of her own sister Amihan, who won the competition for the Lirean crown, and the other Sangg'res Danaya and Alena took Amihan's side.

With this situation, Lira, the long lost daughter of Amihan returned to Encantadia and tried to fulfill her mission of mending the broken relationships of the strong-willed gemstone keepers.

The main protagonists

The story revolves around the four Sang'gres of Lireo, the center of worship in Encantadia - Amihan, Alena, Danaya and Pirena. Amihan, the enthroned Queen of Lireo is the keeper of Jewel of Air and the mother of Lira whom she had born to Ybarro, also known as Prince Ybrahim, the heir to the fallen kingdom of Sapiro. Amihan sits in the throne of Lireo as queen with the wisdom and kindness of her mother and the skills of swordsmanship and strong arms of her father Raquim. Alena is the third among the four daughters of Queen Mine-a and the keeper of the Jewel of Water. Alena is also the lover of Ybarro and mother of Kahlil. Pirena, the eldest among the Sang'gres, keeps the Jewel of Fire and had used it to defeat her mother, Queen Mine-a, who have favored Amihan to wear the crown in her place but she will realize that she's very special and finds the love remaining inside deep in her heart. She is the smartest and most skillful among the Sang'gres. Danaya is the fearless and most lawful among the Sang'gres. She possesses the Jewel of Earth and receives the care and affection of Aquil, the chief of the Lirean soldiers. Because of Pirena's anger toward Amihan, she replaced baby Lira with her own daughter Mira and had left the former in a dirty place in the world of the human beings. There she grew up and fell in love with a rich youth named Anthony, whom Mira also fell in love with. But Lira has a higher calling as a Sang'gre. She is hailed by Mine-a as the savior of Encantadia. Her goal is to reunite the four Sang'gres who have, at the course of the story, hated each other because of situations willed by Bathala. Like the history of Encantadia itself, the four Sangg'gres also have a similar story because Pirena symbolizes Hathoria which is the enemy of the other three sisters of earth, air and water. But as the story goes by, Amihan, Alena and Danaya realize that their love for their evil sister still remains strong and realize that she was never the enemy but the Hathors.


For other places featured on the show, see List of places in Encantadia.


The land of the Diwatas is the Kingdom of Lireo, bounded on the east. The wise, strong, brave and powerful Cassiopea was the first ruler and founder of Lireo. Cassiopea helped, rather eluctantly with using the Jewel, at the extinction of Etheria and later became a member representing Lireo at the Council of Encantadia. At the start of the series, the ruler was Mine-a who was succeeded by her daughter Amihan. The ruler of Lireo carries either the title of Reyna or Ynang Reyna if she is already with sons/daughters. This kingdom is the keeper of the Jewel of Air. Lireo had 10 Queens during the series.

Lireo is considered the most progressive among the kingdoms. Their kingdom is obviously powered by a large windmill. They have the tallest towers and also seem to have cable cars in the palace. Their armies are the only ones who have Sasakyang Panghimpapawid (Airships). Their most powerful weapon of war is the Katapulto (fire catapult).


On the North of Encantadia is the Kingdom of Sapiro. The land of valiant, shrewd and cunning warriors, the Sapirians. At the start of the series, this vast kingdom was under the rule of King Armeo, his wife and queen Mayne, and his future heir Prince Ybrahim (also named Ybarro). This kingdom is the original keeper of the Jewel of Earth, the land blessed with precious metals and stones and its soil fertile enough for crops to grow. This also is the kingdom from where Prince Raquim, King Armeo's cousin and Amihan's father, hails from. It is also the kingdom that rescued the Adamians from the clutches of the Hathors during the time of their conquest. In that conquest, the Hathors got hold of two of the jewels and used this advantage to defeat the Sapirians who had but one gemstone. The whole kingdom was destroyed in that battle. King Armeo was also killed later in the fight with King Arvak, the Hathorian king at that time and the father of the present king Hagorn. But Arvak was killed by Prince Raquim, regained the gemstones and gave it to Queen Mine-a of Lireo for safeskeeping. Armeo's father, King Meno, helped the extinction of Etheria and became a member of the Council of Encantadia. So far, there are only two known surviving Sapirians from the Royal House: Ybrahim, the next heir to the throne, and Asval, a strange and mysterious warrior (whose real loyalties are uncertain and turned out to be a traitor) who was always with his two accomplices Bandok and Axilom.

The Sapirians are closely similar to the Diwatas, they can also teleport themselves to another place and shoot out blast bolts from their hands. However, they are more hostile, more cunning and shrewder than the denizens of Lireo. They have the ability to heal themself or others of a disease or any kinds of wounds. In contrast to Lirean royalty, Sapirian royalty is very much akin to the traditional patriarchal definition of an absolute monarchy. This means the eldest son of the king is next in line to rule the mystical kingdom. The Sapirian king is allowed to love whoever he wants to love and choose his wife but the difference from the Diwatas is that their race is dominated by men.

The Sapirians are best known for their unmatched skills in swordsmanship and archery. They are also proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Sapirians also have incredible strength, which they draw all their powers from. They are very shrewd and cunning, making them great allies and very dangerous enemies in battle, but despite these abilities Sapirians are friendly and kind-hearted.

The Sapirians are also involved in the founding of the kingdom of Lireo. The land where Lireo stands was once a forest where Prince Raquim brought the Diwatas to hide under Evades' protection during Queen Avria's great purge against the Diwatas. It was here that they found refuge and peace. Cassiopeia declared it Lireo. Until the war that brought down Etheria, Lireo flourished as a powerful kingdom next to Sapiro.

There are four tribes on Sapiro:

  1. Adjantao : the land of the nomads
  2. Ascano : the land of the Barbaros
  3. Yudo-o : not much is known, but Rosas from Book 3 is said to be the last of her tribe.
  4. Arnon : the tribe of Azulan (book 3), a mortal who fell in love with Amihan disguised as a powerful prince, the twin warriors Luntian and Violeta and the Adamian Dilawan.

Sapirians would be later revealed as miners. This would explain the riches they have hidden underground the caverns. They also produce the best wine in Encantadia.


Situated in the Southern tip of Encantadia, the Kingdom of Adamya is the home of the little people or prairies. These small yet intelligent creatures are called Adamians and are the keepers of the Jewel of Water. The kingdom is headed by its wise and faithful ruler Imaw, who possesses a staff that enables him to look into the past of a particular person it can also enable him to see current events he can also wield its awesome powers (it seems that the staff is a kind of history book compressed into a single object). Imaw's father Aegen helped the extinction of Etheria and became a member of the Council of Encantadia. Its dissidents, the Adamyans, are also friends to the two other dissidents in Encantadia as well as to the Mandirigmas particularly because of their friendly nature and great wisdom.

The Adamyans are also known for being hard working farmers. They have a vast plantation and beautiful beaches (for their kingdom is very near to the lake/sea/ocean of Adamya) in their kingdom. They seem to only gather food every time without a care in the world.

During one of Encantadia's most turbulent epoch, the Kingdom of Adamya was overpowered by the Hathors' conquest to seize the Water Gem from its keeper. In the battle that transpired, a majority of the little denizens of Adamya died.


On the western border is the Kingdom of Hathoria where the militaristic, vicious and power-famished Hathors abound, it is described as a dark, gloomy kingdom that is also full of decay. It is home to many dangerous beings, bounded by treacherous terrains and caverns. Hathors are known throughout encantadia for their prowess in battle and superior knowledge of the arts of war (only the Sapirians are more cunning and more war-like). During the latter half of his reign, the Hathorian King Arvak embarked on a campaign of conquest to steal all four elemental jewels that would signal the start of a chaotic era in the history of Encantadia. Arvak's ancient predecessor, Bartimus, had a hand in the extinction of Etheria and became a member of the Council (Konseho) of Encantadia. After Arvak died during the fall of Sapiro, his son and successor Hagorn ascended the throne and continued his work.

Hathors multiply every time Encantadia's two moons are simultaneously full. The Hathorian king and a good number of his followers go to Balaak, their place of multiplication. There the King performs a ritual wherein his blood is drunk by Hathors. The "anointed" Hathors are then left inside Balaak for seven days to spontaneously multiply.

Hathors are known to be the most spiritually connected with their ancestors. They have rituals in which the current king would be able to talk with a chosen ancestor. They are also the only people from Encantadia who is not blessed with long age. They grow old and die like humans.

In their battle against Lireo, Hathors were found to have flier commandos. These units were equipped with skydiving gears to attack and board Lirean airships. Their most powerful weapon in war is the Cannon.


Note: These information are only for the dynasty of Etheria.

The most powerful kingdom yet in the dawning age of Encantadia. It is located on the middle of Encantadia, obviously surrounded by its neighboring kingdoms, making it the capital-kingdom. This is not only what many encantados call it, but also the most "scared-off" above all kingdoms, but that was in the ancient times.

Etheria contains four more sub-kingdoms, or called in Enchanta, Heras, or tribes in English. They are also the homes of the four guardians of the Golden Hourglass. Hera Andal, citadel of Etheria, housing the powerful Queen Avria, center of medicine of the kingdom, is located in the middle of Etheria. Hera Sensa, home to the "mind-benders" of Encantadia, where Hera Andora lives, located west of Hera Andal. Hera Volo, source of Hera Andal's Kawals and warriors, located just a little west from the Lireo-Etheria boundary, home of the time-keepers in Etheria who can manipulate the pace of time, place of origin of the most powerful warrior of Etheria, Hera Juvila. And Hera Aega, south of Etheria (far from the bustling cities of Hera Andal, Hera Sensa and Hera Volo), tribe of the women-warriors who can change the emotions of anyone they desire, tribe where Hera Odessa lives.

Etheria was reborn by its key, Sang'gre Cassandra, and was destroyed by the four Sang'gres, Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya.


  • Girlie Sevilla as Gurna
  • Leila Kuzma as Agane
  • Brad Turvey as Axilom
  • Gerard Pizzaras as Bandok
  • Benjie Paras as Wahid
  • Juliana Palermo as Lavanea
  • Romnick Sarmenta as Avilan
  • Antonio Aquitania as Alipato
  • Sunshine Garcia as Agua
  • Geneva Cruz as Sari-a
  • Margaret Wilson as Aera
  • Cheska Garcia as Aure
  • Buchao as Aser
  • Lloyd Barredo as Abog
  • Pinky Amador as Carmen
  • Vangie Labalan as Manang Rosing
  • Jay Aquitania as Banjo
  • Gayle Valencia as Dinna
  • Irma Adlawan as Amanda
  • Ehra Madrigal as Gigi
  • Dino Guevarra as Carlos
  • Denise Laurel as Marge
  • Allan Paule as Dado


Main characters


Lirean society is matriarchal, meaning that women carry a higher civil status than their male counterparts. Proof of this is the fact that only a female sang'gre in the matriarch's line may ascend the throne and that the Ynang Reyna is forbidden to fall in love and marry or take a husband. The head of Lireo carries the title of Reyna (or Ynang Reyna if already a mother).

There have been 11 instituted rulers of Lireo since its founding. A Sang'gre (Diwata of the royal bloodline) has ruled over Lireo throughout its history, except for two periods: first, between the reigns of Cassiopea and Mine-a, and, second, during the Hathorian occupation of the throne under Agane.

  • Mine-a — Mother of Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya. In spite of her dark past, Mine-a ruled Lireo with the kindness and wisdom befitting a queen. She was known as the daughter of the half-Diwata, half-Etherian Heran Memen and Avria, the Queen of Etheria and Head of Hera Andal, and Cassiopea's older half-sister. But, later it was found out that she was the daughter of a Diwata, stolen by Avria and was treated as an Etherian.
  • Pirena — eldest among the four daughters of Mine-a, the keeper of the Fire Gem. She grew up harboring bitterness and envy towards her sisters, especially towards Amihan. Although Pirena is really kind at heart, her dama, Gurna, poisoned her mind, blinding her from the truth that she is really loved. She became Queen of the Diwatas after invading Lireo and overthrowing Amihan. She has the ability to morph into any person she likes, a skill she inherited from her father, Hagorn. However, unlike her father, she can sustain the transformation for as long as she wishes because of her Diwata blood. She can also fly like a rocket launched into the air if need be. She's the most cunning and ambitious among the four Sangg'gres. She is also confident and hard working. She stayed a villain 3/4 of the series until she found the love of her mother, sisters, and daughter she thought she did not have. Her personal weapon are the twin daggers. Mother of Mira.
  • Amihan — the second eldest among the four sisters, Amihan is the Keeper of the Air Gem and is Mine-a's successor to the throne. Unlike her sisters who lived with Mine-a in Lireo since birth, Amihan was taken by her ado (father) Raquim, a Sapirian prince, to the mortal realm. There, she grew up by the sword of her ado until he was killed and she was brought back to her mother. Amihan sits in Lireo with the kindness and wisdom of her mother and the unmatched sworsdmanship skills and strong arms of her father. She is also the mother of Lira, her only heir. Amihan is actually not a pureblooded Diwata because she is half-Diwata and half-Sapirian, but she is identified as a Diwata with the mark on her back. Her control of the wind allows her to fly (alone or with someone) and feel the wind's emotions. She has also developed a strong link to the mulawin Avilan ever since he appeared to her when she was still a child. When Amihan evaded death for the second time, the marks on her palm disappeared to signify that she is finally in control of her own destiny. Since then, she is also able to summon a kambal-diwa by the name of Aera. Amihan's personal weapon is the broad sword Arkrey she inherited from her ado Raquim. Before her father breathed his last, she made a promise to avenge his death, and she carried this promise to its fulfillment. Mother of Lira.
  • Alena — the third of Mine-a's four daughters and the Keeper of the Water Gem. A pure-blooded Diwata, Alena is in possession of the most distinct power in Encantadia: a beautiful yet powerful voice that can soothe, hypnotize and destroy beings. She is also the Sang'gre who is most in touch with her emotions. However, her being in tune with her feelings is also her greatest weakness. Unlike her sisters, she never desired to be Queen. A romantic, all that she wanted was to fall in love, and fell in love did she. She found her match in Ybarro (Ybrahim), the long lost prince of Sapiro, who has since their first meeting never let her out of his sight. But Hitano, a Royal Guard, is also in love with her, making things more complicated. At the height of the raging battle between Lireo and Hathoria, Hitano took Alena as his wife (Alena accepted) much to Ybarro's horror. Before their union was consummated, Alena met Ybarro in a dream and had a child with him: Kahlil. From the very beginning, love served as the chief driving force in Alena's life, but it was also because of this love that the kind and loving Sang'gre went through a lot of sufferings that eventually lead her to become spiteful of Bathala and bitter towards her sisters. But the heart will always find its way home, and Alena eventually found her way back to her family's waiting arms. Her personal weapon is the Spear.
  • Danaya — the youngest of Mine-a's four daughters, Danaya is the Keeper of the Earth Gem. Unlike Amihan and Pirena who are only half-Diwata, she is a pure-blooded Diwata, and it is only her and Alena who have the same father. Though the youngest, Danaya is the most fearless and level-headed among all the Sang'gres. She knows all of Lireo's laws by heart, and while she may be extremely stubborn, she's one to do things by the book. As the youngest, she also has childish tendencies - evident with how she bickers with Aquil and Lira, over even the smallest things. As the kind who never lets her emotions rule her, Danaya projects a tough and uncaring aura even though she's already breaking down inside. Also, she is in love with Aquil but will not let her feelings be known - at least not vocally. It is also believed that she may not die if she does not want to, as she can transform herself into any animal or plant she wishes in subterfuge. As the guardian of the Earth, her weapon of choice is close to nature. She wields two wooden sticks and specializes in arnis. She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Cassiopea — also known as Mata (The Eye). It was Cassiopea who claimed the land that is now known as Lireo and became its First Queen, as well as the Queen of Encantadia. As the child of the Etherian Heran Memen and his mistress - the lowly Diwata Ornia - Cassiopea emerged into a world wrought with hostility towards her mother's kind. When she was still a baby, Evades, Memen's mentor, already knew that she will be the Diwatas' luntaie (savior). Knowing that danger would keep following the child's parents, Evades takes Cassiopea in as his apprentice. Like Kahlil's, Cassiopea's growth was sped up in order for her to quickly fulfill her mission. Under Evades' tutelage, Cassiopea grew to be a wise and extremely gifted Diwata who has the ability to see the future albeit born blind. Later, when she breaks apart the Mother Gem entrusted by Bathala to the Council into the four pieces known as the Fire, Air, Water and Earth gems, she is banished from Lireo and cursed to live within the confines of the forest until the gems are made one again. While awaiting her freedom, Cassiopea collects gold from those who would seek her help.
  • Lira — the daughter of Ybrahim and Amihan and the rightful heir to the Lirean throne, who was secretly left in the mortal world to die. She did not, however, and grew up to fall in love with the mortal Anthony. Among her, Mira and Kahlil, she was the most blessed. From Alena, she received the gift of a beautiful voice that could soothe her mother's heart, and from Danaya, a protective shield against Pirena's powers. Like her mother, she can feel the wind's emotion. She has also exhibited powers such as lightning strikes and whirlwind. She is also known as Mila or Milagros in the world of the human beings. She tricked Danaya to say "I love you" to Aquil. Her personal weapon is the sword Avatar made by Cassiopea and a golden armor made by Danaya.
  • Mira — Pirena's daughter who secluded herself from Encantadia to the world of mortals after discovering her true parentage. She carries the fire of her mother, Pirena. She once even became Anthony's secretary with the approval of his mother because of what she learned from her upbringing. Time and again, no matter what she did, it was proven that Anthony would never love her. She has since returned to Encantadia and was designated by Hagorn to be the rightful ruler of Lireo after replacing Agane. She later gets killed by Asval in Lireo.
  • Kahlil — the son of Ybrahim and Alena who was bestowed upon by Alena, unmatched strength and skill in battle. He was also blessed with invulnerability from any known weapon in the land at the time of his conception. Like Cassiopea, Kahlil's growth had to be sped up so that he would be able to fend for himself while his mother tries to recover. Given this circumstance, Kahlil grew up never feeling his mother or his father's embrace. Kahlil was eventually taken in by Pirena, who poisoned his mind and turned him against his own sister. Because of the threat he posed to Encantadia's luntaie, Cassiopea forged a golden sword, the Avatar, to kill him but failed. Later, he is killed by Danaya to protect Lira. When Pirena brings him back to life as a "gift" to Alena, Kahlil was enraged. He stopped at nothing to attain a second death so that he may be able to go back to Devas and be at peace. Aquil granted his wish by driving the Avatar into him. Cassiopea have noted in the past that he is an accident of birth to test the 4 Sang'gres relationship by Bathala.
  • Cassandra - Lira's daughter. Cassandra is the prophesized last Sang'gre whose birth will henceforth bring the extinct kingdom of Etheria back from the ashes to its once mighty rule over Encantadia. Although Lira never really had a child with the mortal Anthony, Cassandra is of her own flesh - and Cassiopea's blood. However, the fact that she is Lira's child never endeared her to her yla Amihan. Amihan refused to take the her in so she grew up with her ylo Ybrahim and yla Alena in Sapiro and is next in line to the throne, leaving Lireo without a heiress. However, Danaya, who vowed to never have a child, also seems to be making way for Cassandra's ascension to the throne of Lireo.
  • Aquil — Head of the Royal Army of Lireo, Aquil has dedicated his entire life in the service of his Queen and the Sang'gres. This dedication was spurred by his promise to his later father Amarro: to serve the Queen of Lireo and all her successors no matter what. He has since then proven his loyalty to the Sang'gres and earned their respect in return. He would do everything - anything - for their sake, even if it meant sacrificing his own life. Though usually composed, Aquil can be quite a mess whenever around Danaya (whom he harbors a not-so-secret love for) or Lira (who has quite the penchant for matchmaking). Danaya's playfulness matched with her sudden mood swings and Lira's witty remarks about him and the former never fails to catch him off-guard. In battle, Aquil uses the twin swords he inherited from his father. His father vowed that his spirit will remain in those swords so that Aquil will never have to be alone.


A Sapirian of royal lineage can be identified by also the distinct marking, like the Sang'gres, but this time, on their right shoulder blades. This marking resembles the symbol of Sapiro (the gem of earth) after the cleaving of the Jewel.

Sapirian society is in the traditional patriarchal system and only male Sapirians in the patriarchan royal line may ascend the throne. The head of Sapiro carries the title of Hari ng Sapiro (King of Sapiro). Also, the King is allowed to fall in love and marry as many wives as he likes (more likely near the establishment of the Oriental harem).

  • Ybrahim — also known as Ybarro, the rightful heir to the Sapiryan throne and the father of Sang'gres Lira, Kahlil, Arman and Armea. Grew up with the mandirigmas since he was a child. He has great skills in battle and was the only person destined to be able to find and unearth the Kabilan. During his time of being trapped in Sapiro, Raquim appeared to Ybarro as his Gabay Diwa to teach him how to fight more valiantly and become the 2nd Kalasag. As Kalasag, he was able to strike fear among his enemies until his secret was out and find himself he no longer needed it because he had regained his confidence.
  • Raquim — a Sapirian Prince, cousin of Armeo, father to Amihan and the uncle of Ybrahim, he is the best swordsman that ever walked the face of Encantadia and no one has ever beaten him in battle. He was the gallant warrior who recovered all the jewels from the Hathors and delivered them in safekeeping to his wife, Mine-a. He and Minea had a daughter, Amihan with the Lirean queen and hid their daughter with him along with the map of Encantadia to the mortal world where he died at the hands of Hagorn years later. He also taught Ybarro how to fight better and stronger, declared him his successor, and gave him his Kalasag armor to help fight against the wielder of Kabilan. His personal weapon is the broad sword with rune carvings, Arkrey. He also had a Mahiwagang Tungkod (magical staff) that makes people forget but this was lost in the human world and never recovered. All his life, he kept a journal to preserve the history of Encantadia until this parchment was brought to his daughter years later.
  • Armeo — former King of Sapiro and father to Ybrahim. In Etheria, he was King Meno's son to a deceased woman named Agarta whom Meno had loved. His real name was Gion. He was renamed by his father and therefore had been called Armeo. He was renamed after his father's favorite brother Armeo who was the father of Raquim.
  • Asval — Brother of the father of Armeo. It is still unknown how he managed to survive during the fall of Sapiro. He is currently in alliance with Hagorn, but as he also shares an agreement with Aquil, it is uncertain where his loyalties really lie. But one thing is for sure: he is willing to do everything just so he could regain Sapiro. He is very cunning and hailed as one of the architects in Etheria's fall. He also once tricked Pirena to fall in love with him. His personal weapon is the battle axe. He was killed by Ybrahim during the war between Hathoria and Lireo.
  • Kahlil — (see above).
  • Mayne — mother of Ybrahim and wife of King Armeo. It was her who entrusted the infant Ybrahim to the mandirigma Apitong.


  • Hagorn — the power-hungry King of the Hathors who will do anything to win even at the cost of his own blood relative. Hides the secret of being the father of Pirena (that is because he did not recognize the child as his not as a result of love but as a result of deceivance). He is the only Hathorian who has the ability to morph in any person he wishes to be but unlike his daughter Pirena, he can only sustain it for a short time. The rightful wielder of Kabilan.
  • Agane — Hagorn's half-sister and second-in-command of the Hathors and the ruler of Lireo after Pirena's defeat. Her primary weapon is the golden chain.
  • Hitano — the diwata who is madly in love with Alena and accepted Pirena's offer to take Alena's memories away. He even lived with Alena far away in the woods as Berdano. He later defected to Hathoria and became a brave Hathorian soldier whom Hagorn considers as his adoptive son. After dying at the hands of Kahlil, he was revived by Pirena into a deadly monster.


  • Imaw — Leader of the Adamyans who also serves as chief adviser to the Diwatas. His personal weapon is the Mahiwagang Tungkod, a magical staff that can show the wielder the history of almost anything. Its only weakness is when Hagorn wears something. If that happens, it will not be recorded in the staff. It was also shown that he can also use it to fire powerful beams. It is also noted that he is crazy about Lira's Sinigang and wants to learn how to cook it. He likes to eat Chocolate cake with Ketchup.
  • Banak and Nakba — denizens of Adamya who is usually confused with locations. They battle together usually as bait for Hathors until they can find a spot for their trap. The two small denizens has a deep past in Etheria. They were once thieves who helped in the war against Etheria and were punished by Avria to become Adamians.

Other characters


  • Emre — Encantadian equivalent of Greek God Zeus, the Diwatas refer to him as Bathala; the Supreme God of the Encantandians, and brother to Arde. His likeness is represented by the many statues scattered around the palaces of Lireo and Sapiro. One of his statues became alive when he gave the Jewel of the Elements to Cassiopea during the war.
  • Arde — the dragon in Limbo; revealed to be Bathala's brother and was entrusted by Bathala to be guardian of Limbo toward Devas. He can transfigure from a dragon to human-like form. He once made a pact with Hagorn to be the supreme god of Encantadia in return for helping the Hathorian king obtain Pirena's jewel.
  • Ether — Goddess of Wisdom and Encantadian equivalent of the Greek goddess Athena. She was turned to a snake by Bathala for falling in love with Arde. Some encantados feared her but some felt sorry for her and worshipped her. The encantados who worship her are called Etherians.

Ascano and Mount Ajantao

  • Agimat — leader of the peaceful Ajantaos; gave Lira the Gantuk, a unicorn-like pashnea, to aid her in her quest.
  • Aser — one of the barbaros who challenged Aera in drinking contest in the tavern in return for Anthony's whereabouts and brought the drunk Aera back to their camp.
  • Coser — the barbaro Anthony challenged to win his freedom. Anthony could never win if not for Wahid secretly aiding him by blowing a poisonous needle in his neck.
  • Ganto — a pashnea that looks like a unicorn and has wings. It was used by Lira and Wahid to get to Evades.
  • Mambro — the tallest barbaro who carried the drunk Aera back to their camp.
  • Odar — the fat barabaro leader who bought Anthony and Manang Rosing as his slaves from Wahid. At first, he believes the Hathors will not bother them and blames the diwatas for ruining their lives. However, he was finally convinced by Wahid and joined the diwatas cause to rid Encatadia of the Hathors. He is very knowledgeable in kambal-diwas.
  • Wahid — a barbaro leader from Ascano who became a friend to Lira through the contest of alcohol drinking. He later pledged fealty to the father/daughter Ybrahim/Lira and joined them in battle against the Hathors.


  • Abog — a Lirean warrior who is also very loyal to Amihan.
  • Adama — the traitorous soldier who believed Amihan is weak and pledged fealty to Pirena. He helped Pirena usurp Amihan's throne and became Pirena's punong kawal. He was later killed by Hagorn when Hagorn wanted to take Lireo for himself.
  • Alonta — a dama (nanny) who escaped to the camp of Mandirigmas when Pirena usurped Amihan's reign in Lireo. She was proposed to by Wantuk to be his wife and build a family with him.
  • Camlon — one of the captive diwata children whose mother were slain in front of Amihan by Adama to make her give up her Air Jewel to Pirena and acknowledge her as the new queen. The boy became friends with Lira when they were both in dungeon. When Lira helped them escape, Camlon was captured again and killed.
  • Gurna — the half-Hathor/half-Diwata dama of Pirena. She was secretly allied with the Hathors and had poisoned Pirena's mind by encouraging her to breed contempt against her sisters. Cursed by Cassiopea to be unsuccessful forever. She was finally killed by Pirena by throwing her in melting stone after finally being discovered by the former to be the cause of dissent between Pirena and her mother and sisters.
  • Mayumi — one of the damas that are in Sapiro with the others.
  • Muros — Lirean warrior who became 2nd in command to Aquil after Hitano defected. Known to be very good in using spears.
  • Muyak — Alena's dama (lady-in-waiting). Found herself stranded in the world of mortals after following Pirena carrying a baby through the Tree of Asnamon. She became Lira's invisible friend and is the one responsible for Dado's death.


  • Apitong — Leader of the Mandirigma and foster father of Ybarro.
  • Apek — Ybarro's faithful friend who is a master in hand-to-hand combat similar to Axilom.
  • Axilom — Sapiryan warrior loyal to Asval who is a master in hand-to-hand combat. He is known to be only able to speak Enchanta.
  • Bandok — Sapiryan warrior loyal to Asval who was forced to tell Ybrahim the truth about the history of Kabilan. His primary weapon is the spear.
  • Wantuk — the funniest and luckiest thief who is also Ybarro's faithful friend.

Spirit Guides(Gabay-diwa)

Main article: Jewels and Spirit-Guides

The four jewels were made by Bathala but it used to be a single stone carrying all four elements. During conflict and war, Cassiopoeia divided it into the four jewels of water, air, earth and fire. Each stone carries limited powers entrusted by Bathala and each has a spirit-guide. Aside from spirit-guides from the jewels, there are other types of spirit-guides such as a messenger and a kambal diwa (twin spirit-guide). They are Avilan, Alipato, Agua, Sari-a, Aera and Aure.


  • Evades — a plant-like man who will help anyone who can answer his riddle. Cassiopea told Lira to seek help from him to resurrect Pirena. When Lira was unable to answer his riddle but did not leave until she could acquire his help, Evades was amazed by Lira's conviction and decided to give her his help. Leaves from the Tree of Life, that Evades is guarding, are able to heal and resurrect Pirena.
  • Aegen - the ancestor of Imaw and all the other Adamyans, first keeper of the gem of water when it was cleaved, and helper along with the other Council members, excluding Cassiopea, of the extinction of Etheria.
  • Arvak — Slain King of Hathoria and Hagorn's father.
  • Bartimus — ancestor of Hagorn and all the other Hathors, first keeper of the gem of fire when it was cleaved, and helper along with the other Council members, excluding Cassiopea, of the extinction of Etheria.
  • Aranghe - wife of the late Bartimus who was slain by an Etherian prince. To appease Bartimus, a piece of land was given to him, and this piece of land is what became Hathoria.
  • Animus — the powerful being who murdered Cassiopea's parents with the Kabilan that led to the Council of Encantadia to select the strongest warriors of Lireo, Sapiro, and Hathoria to finish him. However, he did not go to Devas when he died. He was instead tasked by Ether to travel to the future along with 2 Etherian warriors to protect the Hourglass.


  • Amanda — Mila's adoptive and abusive mother who sees money as god.
  • Anthony — love interest of Mila and Mira who is destined to bring the lost parchment once written by Raquim about the tales of Etheria. He is so blinded by his love for Lira that he would do anything to have her even at the cost of his life.
  • Banjo — Mila's (later Lira) friend who has a crush on her. Once considered by Anthony as his rival for Lira's feelings but later become good friends.
  • Gigi - one of Mila's friends in the mortal world.
  • Carmen — mother of Anthony who cares nothing about his son's future.
  • Carlos — cousin of Anthony who wants to take over Carmen's company and looks down at Anthony. There is even a time when he tries to rape Mira.
  • Dado — Mila's adoptive and kind father who dies in a train accident caused by Muyak.
  • Dinna — stepsister of Mila
  • Manang Rosing (sometimes called Rosita) — headmaid of Anthony's mansion and the one who aids Anthony in finding Lira in Encantadia
  • Marge — rich spoiled kid who loves Anthony very much but he does not love her
  • Yolanda — one of the maids of Anthony's family who also becomes Lira's bestfriend


  • Bagwis — King of the Mulawin who appear to also have an interest in Danaya.
  • Dakila — one of the Mulawin Council advisers
  • Mercurio — a being who can run very fast similar to Pagaspas who was tasked by Bathala to keep the powerful medicine. He was imprisoned by a Ravenum who draws a diwata's life energies for his own.
  • Lavanea - a Diwata that lives in a cave in the extinct volcano, Mt. Lavanea. She is the keeper of the volcano that bears her name. She called herself a Slave of the Gem of Fire and was created by Bathala to have no feelings at all. She has captured Mira by orders of Hagorn. She made a condition to Mira that, to set her free, she must give her the spirit of her heart, because, earlier, Mira cried and Lavanea tasted her tear, which was full of sadness. Mira agreed, even if she tried to escaped. Lavanea got her spirit's heart and, when Hagorn appeared, she presented Mira to him, now ruthless, without feelings. Pirena learned of this situation and decided that she needed to confront Lavanea to take back her daughter's heart. Together with Alena, they journeyed to Mt. Lavanea and battled with it keeper for Mira's heart spirit. When they met with Lavanea, they reasoned with her that she does not need to have feelings for a volcano cannot be merciful to anyone. She lashed out at the other diwatas saying that if that's the case, then she will not be merciful to them as well. The battle ensued. Until Pirena asks Alena to hurt her in order for Lavanea to feel (with Mira's feelings for her mother). They succeeded and Lavanea surrenders Mira's heart spirit and disappears.
  • Awoo — a paklong, friendly pashnea.
  • Hadezar — powerful purple ghostly beings who once tried to take the Kabilan from Ybrahim after he unearthed it from the ground. Their only known weakness is the Kabilan and beings from Devas. They were later summoned by Hagorn to serve him. These beings can also scream like banshees to distract their enemies. These beings are believed to come from hell.
  • Olarkan — beings similar to Hathors though more strong and powerul. They were summoned by Hagorn to help him win the battle over Lireo, Sapiro and Adamya

Powerful artifacts

  • Elemental Gems - Originally a single jewel created by Emre. If the four jewels are lost, their keepers lose the powers conferred by their jewels as well as their own inherent elemental powers. Note that if ever a Gem is lost or the guardian of a Gem takes it to their death, chaos will fall upon Encantadia. For example, when the Gem of Fire was lost when Pirena died, there was darkness and no warmth in Encantadia. (Main Article: Jewels and Spirit-Guides)
  • Kabilan - A sword created by Ether, bathaluman (goddess) of the fallen kingdom of Etheria, passed onto the ruling family of Etheria and blessed by then-princess Minea to be a weapon against the Diwatas. Has the power to strike a lightning-like bolt of energy. It was carried by the Queen of Etheria, Avria and was used to kill Memen and Ornia. After Etheria's fall, Cassiopea, the first queen of Lireo, kept the sword because it had been blessed to become a weapon against the diwatas. She also used it to separate the Jewel of Elements into four. The Kabilan fell into the hands of Hagorn during the war against Hathoria, but was returned to Cassiopea when Hathoria fell.
  • Sceptre of the Lirean Queen. Originally owned by Esmeralda, ancestress of Cassiopea and said to be the most powerful Diwata to have walked Encantadia. The sceptre can be used for healing, as well as for offense by creating energy blasts. The sceptre was passed on from Esmeralda to Cassiopea, Minea, Amihan, and the queens that followed.
  • Mystic Staff of Adamya. The mystic staff can be used to see the past, as well as for offense by creating powerful blasts. The staff is in the possession of Imaw, the current leader of Adamya. Its weakness is by a ring, worn by Hagorn.
  • Kalasag - Kalasag is a powerful armor made by Amarro, Aquil's father. Raquim originally owns the kalasag but he gave it to Ybrahim as a help against the Hathors. Ybrahim tried to keep the identity of the kalasag but it was revealed later on. He uses the kalasag as his permanent fighting armor.
  • Tablenar - Tablenar is a huge boulder encrypted with Enchanta language. It was the Hathor's means to double their formidable legion of warriors. The Tablenar was an essential part of the Hathor's ritual to multiply and grow in numbers once Encantadia's two full moons would lit the night sky. Pirena went into Balaak, where the Tablenar is located and ultimately destroyed it seizing the Hathor's use of it.
  • Punyal ng Sandugo - Punyal is small knife. It is not a weapon but an evidence to show if your child is of your own flesh and blood. In the reigning of Cassiopea, two mothers are claiming for one child, they used the punyal and they knew who the real mother was. Amihan tried this in a dama with her daughter, she inflicted a wound on the dama's palm and the daughter suddenly had a wound. Amihan used the knife to dechiper whether Mira was her true daughter or not, instead Mira was unscathed and Lira in the mortal realm was wounded.
  • Avatar - The golden Avatar was a sword forged by Cassiopea against the Kabilan, a powerful weapon dating from the Etherian era who was in Hagorn's possession, this sword was made out of the golds Cassiopea collected in exchange of foretelling other's future and fate. This sword was tailor-made for Lira as a protection against the wrath of Kahlil, Lira's half-brother who was poisoned by Pirena to slay her sister. Ultimately, the Avatar became Kahlil's greatest weakness as he was invincible. The Avatar was used to slay Kahlil twice, first used by Danaya and then finally by Aquil.
  • Asnamon medallion - A golden medallion which served as a key to open portals to the mortal realm, a brief encantation is spoken to tap into the medallion's power in order to summon a portal.
  • Raquim Papers - These are historical artifacts encoded by Raquim, father of Amihan, during his younger days which was a documented narrative of Encantadia's rich history including the era of Etheria's most powerful reign and how the old kingdom fell under the siege of the other kingdoms.

Production and Reception

The series was created by GMA Network, the same network that produced the telefantasyas Mulawin and Darna. It was directed by Mark Reyes and Gil Tejada, Jr., and written by Suzette Doctolero.

The series was originally intended as GMA Films' entry to the 2004 Metro Manila Film Festival but they later decided to make Encantadia a daily fantasy soap opera.

According to Mark Reyes, the sets of Encantadia are located in various places in the Philippines.

  • The Adamya set is located at Calatagan, Batangas.
  • The cave set of Hathoria is located at the Kalinawan Cave in Tanay, Rizal.
  • Lireo's forest is located at Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls in Rizal.
  • A 1,900 square meter warehouse in Pasig serves as an indoor set with an improvised pond.
  • The Sapiro set is located inside the historic walled city of Intramuros (Old Manila) in the heart of Manila.


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There is no original soundtrack (OST) yet for Encantadia. Only Mahiwagang Puso was released commercially through the Tunog Kapuso album released by GMA Records.

However, here is a partial list of soundtrack being played in the series:


Some people suggested that Encantadia is influenced by J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings in some aspects like Lireo refers to Lórien and Hathoria refers to Mordor. Although some people argue that just as Tolkien's work was derived from other myths such as the Norse mythology (the armor worn by the sang'gres are inspired by the Valkyries in Viking Mythology), Encantadia derives some of its fictional characters from Philippine mythological entities (like Bathala and the Diwata) Some aspects of inspiration from anime can also be seen, like the name Sapiro is very much like the name of a place in Magic Knight Rayearth, Cephiro. The striking resemblance of the Sang'gres to the main protagonists of the anime can also be keenly noted. (See Sources of inspiration for Encantadia and Etheria .)

Ratings and trivia

In July 2005, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research, Encantadia topped primetime ratings by earning 22.6% in total individual charts and a chunk rating of 40%, overtaking Darna, Sugo and Kampanerang Kuba. [1] Encantadia was only beaten by Darna on June. It never lost in the ratings game after that span of time. Among all soap operas in the Philippines has the highest ratings of 45% average (usually 40% above) according to AGB, a local media research firm.

  • Pilot Week - 40.8%
  • Average - 39%
  • Final Episode - 37.7%

In the farewell special of the Encantadia saga entitled "Avisala, Encantadia" the following bits of trivia were flashed on screen:

  • Crew and Cast of the series loves to eat and one of their favorite is Sinigang that Imaw also love (one of the Encantadia episode where show Imaw eating something that Lira cooked and Imaw ask what's the name of that delicious dish ang Lira said, "Sinigang ang tawag diyan, kaya lang wala ditong sampalok, kaya nagpakuha na lang ako kina Apek at Wantuk ng maasim na bunga." ("That's called sinigang, but there's no tamarind (here) so I asked Apek and Wantuk to get some sour fruit.")
  • Cheska Iñigo who played Galatea in Book 3 of the series is the one who supplies food in the taping.
  • Dingdong Dantes, who played Ybrahim, is the 3rd unit director of the series.
  • Dantes was the one who suggested to make Ybrahim's hair longer in the third series, but he later regretted it as he then found that it would itch.
  • Cindy Kurleto's character usually speaks her lines in Enchanta because of her foreign accent. Brad Turvey as Axilom also uses the fairy language because of the same reason.

Awards and nominations

  • Encantadia was nominated in the 2005 Asian TV Awards for Best Original Music Score and was awarded as "Highly Commended"
  • Won in the 2nd Golden Screen Entertainment TV Awards of Enpress for Outstanding Drama Series (Encantadia), Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Sunshine Dizon for her role as Pirena) and Outstanding Director for a Drama Series (Directors Mark Reyes & Gil Tejada). Other nominations are Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Dawn Zulueta for her role as Queen Mine-a), and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Pen Medina for his role as Hagorn and Alfred Vargas for his role as Aquil)
  • Finalist, Best Lighting Category in the 2006 New York Festivals for TV Programming & Promotion
  • Won in the 3rd Gawad America Awards held in Los Angeles, California as Best TV Series/Soap Opera, Best Actress (Sunshine Dizon for her role as Pirena) and Best Director (Mark Reyes)
  • Won in the 2nd USTV Student's Choice Awards of the University of Santo Tomas as Student's Choice of Drama Series (Encantadia). Iza Calzado won as Student's Choice of Best Actress for her role as Amihan.
  • Awarded by the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation as Most Popular TV Program (Encantadia) and Most Popular TV Directors (Mark Reyes & Gil Tejada) in the annual (36th) Box-Office Entertainment Awards.


  • On November 2005, Mister Donut in the Philippines offered free pillows with pictures of Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya after purchasing a dozen doughnuts.
  • An Encantadia board game is being sold in various bookstores in the Philippines.
  • Other merchandise such as coin banks, notebooks, etc. are also being sold.

Portrayal in film and television

  • Bubble Gang, GMA Network's highly-rated gag show, spoofed Encantadia and renamed it as Pinkantadia and changing the names of the cast into Ynang Mother (Ynang Reyna), Amoyhan (Amihan), Dinaya (Danaya), Alyena (Alena) and Irena (Pirena), Limaw (Imaw). Other characters include Niño Muyak (Muyak), Kabarro (Ybarro), Bruha (Gurna), Muta (Cassiopea/Mata), and Hadagorn (Hagorn).

During Bubble Gang's 10th anniversary, the actual characters of Encantadia appeared and they portrayed a comical face-off with the Pinkantadia characters.

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