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Emiliano Riego de Dios (b. September 7, 1864 - d. February 4, 1926) a native of Maragondon, Cavite, was a revolutionary leader and the secretary-general of the Asociacion de los Veteranos de la Revolucion.


Early Life

Finished his secondary studies at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran and studied at Ateneo Municipal de Manila but have to abondon his studies to help his parents in their family farm. Where he became known to his townmates and became the gobernadorcillo and captain municipal before the revolution.


When the rolution starts, Emiliano together with his two brothers, Vicente and Mariano joined the Katipunan. He was elected as the Secretary of War of the revolutionary government set up by the Tejeros Convention in March 1897. Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo established a second revolutionary government, he was appointed to be the politico-military governor of Cavite.

Philippine-American War

When the war broke up between the two countries, he was named the vice president of the diplomatic mission under the leadership of Felipe Agoncillo, which aims to obtain international recognition of the Philippine-American War. He was also the head of the Filipino junta based in Hong Kong. When peace was restored in the Philippines, he returned and served as secretary-general of the Asociacion de los Veteranos de la Revolucion.


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