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To make your downloading experience more enjoyable you can queque entire pages of song, download five of them at the time, and every successfully downloaded song (either on desktop or in a folder of your choice) will automatically be added to your iTunes playlist. Just select the format you like and click on the "play" button. SoundCloud Downloader is the best free program to download music from Soundcloud SoundCloud Downloader is the best free program available for downloading music from SoundCloud. Music is food for soul. It allows you to download all soundcloud songs and tracks, even if the songs and tracks are listen-only. In case you lost your internet connection, Soundcloud downloader has a reconnect funktion and can continue to download as soon as you are online again. The rest you can delete. Easy way of how to Download Music from SoundCloud? Maybe one day Soundcloud will make it happen downloads possible. I downloaded the Soundcloud downloader and I have to admit - it really works. Soundcloud downloader will do the job for you. Use Soundcloud downloader. Also you can preview any song directly from the application itself before you download it. But with Soundcloud downloader it all works smooth. Download up to 5 songs at the same time to your mac. Built in Soundcloud browser. The downloading will instantly begin at a fast speed, plus one can perform batch downloads. And there are only a few which work with soundcloud. You can then download specific music titles from within the downloader. This can come very handy when you need a special file from your downloads urgently. When the extraction was sucessful, Soundcloud downloader automatically deletes the archives. And when you run the software next time, it will auto check the newly uploaded files for that artist. There's a slight delay on initial startup,but otherwise performance is snappy (ie this isn't Frostwire, don't worry). We show you how to download efficiently. Soundcloud downloader has some special features like multistream download, captcha recognicion and auto extract. No ads, no delays, no tricks. Press the "play" button to start the download. We are trying to support more formats in the future. After the download is complete, you can easily find the downloaded file on your mac by pressing the magnification button next to the progress bar. Actually i have to say I am really happy. Moreover, streaming the track for listening to it again and again eats a hell lot of Internet data. Of course Soundcloud downloader is not only for soundcloud.